Ghosties and ghoulies and things that go bump in the night.....


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Right - hands up everyone who's seen a ghost?

I have - in broad daylight - it purely scared the bejasus out of me!

I was viewing a friend's new house with her and her daughter when we went upstairs to look at the bedrooms. I went into one and she and her daughter went into the other. I came out of the room I had been in and quite clearly saw the back of a woman's body turning the corner at the bottom of the stairs - it looked as if she was carrying a sleeping child.

I called out for my friend, hanging over the bannisters and nearly jumped through the roof when she came out of a bedroom behind me!

I had to go and have a sweet hot cuppa tea and a fag after that, I can tell you!

I also had some weird things happen when I was still living in my old house with my ex-husband. Things would go missing then reappear in the craziest of places - like we once found the remote control for the telly behind two sets of closed curtains, on the windowsill, balanced upright!!!

How about anyone else??
I am also a believer in ghosties and ghoulies. In fact I have always attracted them since I was a small child. They always pop in from time to time, I don't tend to worry about it these days but when I was a teenager I used to be terrified. I used to have one that would stand behind me when I was putting my makeup on. It really used to freak me out when I could see it in the mirror lol.
My daughter used to have an old man in a nightshirt sit on the end of her bed and tell her stories, she just used to think he was part of the family! Although she hasn't seen him now for years!
I think it's pretty cool now to be able to see them or smell them, I know they won't harm me and they are just popping in for a visit!
In fact sometimes I can smell my great gran, she always smelt of african violets and every now and then I get a little whiff of it and I know she is just popping in to see me!
Wow, Tracey - you're really attuned to the spirit world, aren't you!

I cannot imagine what I would do if someone was behind me in the mirror while I was putting on my make-up! What did it look like?

(Knowing me, it would say - oh my frickin gawd - that lipstick SO doesn't suit you! lol)

Wow, Tracey - you're really attuned to the spirit world, aren't you!

I cannot imagine what I would do if someone was behind me in the mirror while I was putting on my make-up! What did it look like?

(Knowing me, it would say - oh my frickin gawd - that lipstick SO doesn't suit you! lol)


Well the figure in the mirror was always just over my left shoulder, whenever I turned around he would disapear! I used to think I was going crazy! My Dad also said that when I was asleep as a teenager, he could hear a man talking in my bedroom, but when he looked in, it was me talking with someone elses voice! How freaky is that!!! I still don't know to this day whether he was winding me up or not!
The most annoying spirit used to live in my old house. Whenever I went into my daughters bedroom I used to feel a slight push in my lower back. It was if they didn't like me going in there. It wasn't violent, but felt like a slight shove or tap on my lower back!
I don't think I'm particually in tune with the spirit world and I'm certainly don't have any clairvoyant talent. I'm just fortunate to be able to sence when spirits are around. My paternal grandmother was clairvoyant, but unfortunatley the talent missed me! LOL.
LOL Tracery - they do say that we are all clairvoyant but most of us don't want to develop our talents or something lol. Sounds to me like you've got more than enough for both of us!!! WOW!

If someone/thing pushed me in the back, I'd freak!!! Though, I suppose you get used to it, don't you?
My grandfather comes to me all the time. He died 6 years ago and he's only a breath away. My best friend died of breast cancer 2 years ago and I can still hear her voice as clear as day. She is always with me. Have you read 'The Lovely Bones'? It is a moving story of a girl who is murdered and how she watches her family. It sounds morbid but I believe it is one of the most uplifting books I have ever read about heaven. ( Book by Alice Sebold by the way):)
Hi Guys,

Just finally got around to reading this particular thread as I knew it would interest me and take time to read and enjoy:)

Has anyone read any of Rita Rogers books? She's a medium and I read some of her books a few years ago now. I picked up one in particular in our library and I knew it was going to be emotional as it was about her sessions with parents' whose children had died .

I think that book will stay with me for ever as some of the stories were so touching, that the word "touching" seems inadequate to describe it. There was happiness and tears and comfort and closure for some parents.

I know lots of us will feel differently about this subject as it is emotive, especially where children are concerned. I read it and i'm glad I did.
Looking forward to hearing them
The house I grew up in always had things being moved and we nicked name the ghost Frederick...the people who own it now feels my fathers presence in his workshop and can smell his cigarettes.

I feel my father around me, but don't smell anything, I think he knows how hard I found it to stop and probably knows it could trigger me off again. LOL!

My mother was a great one for the ghost stories and many a night we went to bed scared sh!tless:eek:

Love a good story!
i see spirits all the time, its a pain sometimes, as i havnt the time to communicate, or the skills lol, my friends tell me i should start cirlce but i havnt the time, so i ask them nicley to buggar of and they ususally do, the spirits i mean lol

I love your signature picture by the way.....:)
I've just come back from a couple of weeks staying with a friend who's just bought a house in Macclesfield. The room he put me in had something not quite right with it and I couldn't even close my eyes for a second in there. I slept on the two seater sofa downstairs every night. Even in the bathroom when I was taking my eye make up off, which I usually do both eyes at once, I could only do one eye at a time because I was scared to close them both!

I don't know if I believe in ghosts but there was something wrong with that house. And when I was in the kitchen I sensed something walked through me and I got goose pimples all over.

I didn't see anything. I heard bangs and material swishing that could have come from next door or outside or anywhere. I don't know if I believe in ghosts. Deep down I don't.

I went to stay with someone else in a massive old four storey house with a 'spooky' cellar for one of the weekends I was away and I felt nothing. I slept fine in a room and had the top floor to myself. As soon as I got back to Macclesfield I was totally creeped out again even in the daytime.

I did try to put it down to an overactive imagination but I've never experienced a feeling as strong as I had about that house. I love staying with my friend but I don't think I can ever go back there.

Too weird for me!
I am on my own for the next few days [hubby away so now I will be sleeping with the lights on!]but could not help responding to this one.
A few years ago I was going to work at 6.30 in the morning & driving up a lonely yorkshire lane I saw a man "in fancy dress" as I got closer he smiled and nodded to me as I had slowed down and he stepped onto the grass verge.
He was dressed in a cavalier outfit!
As I carried on my journey I reasoned as to why a bloke dressed as a cavalier would be in the middle of nowhere at 6.30am??
I put it out of my mind until one day at my great aunty Flos' house we were talking about my great grandma - "eeh she was a rum un your great grandma - she used to say she had seen a Cavalier on Woolley Edge" I immediatley went pale and goose bumpy and realised at that moment I had seen a ghost and in the same area as my great grandma had seen him!
when i drive in those parts now [visiting family & friends] I recite the lords prayer and say over & over "I don't want to see a ghost!" Its quite funny away from the situation but believe you me I cak myself when i drive alone!
ooh I hope I sleep tonight!
These are my experiences...

First encounter was after we had just moved house - I was only 9 years old, and had my own room at the front of the house. These were old houses that had been standing for years...

I remember having a dream - written on the wall in blood was 'Leave this house'... that's all I can remember of the dream... and I woke up suddenly, feeling very cold and shivery.

The next thing I knew, something grabbed my ankle/foot, and I really had to shake hard to get free - I jumped off my bed, and ran into my sister's room...

From that day onwards, I never really slept/stayed in there, and in the end I moved into my sister's room nextdoor.

I also never sleep with my feet over the bed anymore...

The second encounter was in India - one of the mataji's (ladies) staying in the ashram with us had witnessed a beheading the day before during an road accident on the National Highway (a man went between two lorries and got his head ripped off).

There were three of us in the room, and we were just sitting down talking, when all of a sudden this mataji made the most ungodly sound... she was right off the bed, apart from the top of her head and the tips of her toes.

We all jumped on her, but couldn't bring her down... so we sprinkled Ganga Jal (Ganges Water) on her and recited the protective Nrsinghadeva prayers. She finally stopped making the noise and she settled on the bed...

For the next few nights, we made sure she had a picture of Nrsinghadeva by her bed - in fact, we all sprinkle our ashram with holy water and made sure we said our prayers before bed each night.

However, this particular mataji's picture would go missing or end up upside down, turned over or under her bed each morning... and she seemed oblivious to how it go to be like that.

One night, I even woke up and found her stood at the top of my bed, looking down at me... just staring, and not answering me when I said her name. I finally said 'Haribol' and she just turned around and went back to her own bed... naturally, I didn't sleep the rest of that night!!!

She finally just 'snapped' out of it after about 2 weeks...

The final encounter was after the 1999 supercyclone that had ripped Orissa apart in October - I was staying in a rural temple in the Jagatsinghpur area, which was the worst hit. I remember waking up bang on 12 midnight, and the whole of my room just seem very 'whirly' unsettled.

I was just about to get out of bed to go to the bathroom, when underneath my bed three very stong 'bangs' hit the bottom of my bed, where I was sitting.

The bed actually moved, they were that strong... and I had NOTHING materially under my bed... so much was destroyed in the supercyclone.

I immediately started my Nrsinghadeva prayers, and then did about 30 minutes of another prayer, the Mahamantra.

Everything calmed down, and I jumped off my bed... didn't want anything to grab me again!!!

I switched the light on... always good for getting rid of any lingering spirits... and began cleaning my room (ghosts like dirty places, and I had leftover inscence powder/dust from the last couple of days).

I went back to sleep after a good shower, and never had any other problems...

I remember telling the Temple Priest about it, and he then admitted that they had been hearing very 'ungodly' sounds at night, coming from the village that was destoyed... it scared the living daylights out of him, and he's a well seasoned 63 year old priest that doesn't scare easily!!!
When I was six years old.....i woke up one night to see my grandmother sitting on the end of the bed. I could feel the weight of her sitting there and I sat up in bed and asked her was she okay. She smiled at me.........and then I saw a man standing behind her. He was smiling as well. They told me to be good and help my mother and then my grandmother kissed me on the forehead and said goodbye. The following morning I went into my mother and asked her how long Granny was staying for? She got a bit annoyed at me and so I went to look in the bedroom my grandmother usually slept in when she stayed - but it was empty. Minutes later the phone rang and my Dad told me that my grandmother had died during the night. Later at the funeral I recognised the man in the photo (my grandfather- who died before I was born) as the man that had been with my granny that night.
I dropped it for a while because my mother used to get annoyed with me when I mentioned it. Only when I was in my teens did my Aunt tell me that my granny (who was in hospital) had visited a number of my cousins the night she died and that we all told the same story.....I wasn't afraid and remember it with happiness.

My father died 7 years ago very quickly from cancer - her died 6 weeks to the day he was diagnosed and died a pretty horrible death at home with us nursing him. It was a terrible shock for us all. Obviously I was heartbroken but the mental anguish when you see someone you love suffering so much and you are helpless, well his death was a respite for him and for us. About 10 days after he died when we were going to bed one night my bed side lamp kept flickering......I presumed the bulb was going to blow so I turned it off. ALmost immediately my father was sitting on the end of the bed. He was peeling a large orange......and saying aren't these the nicest oranges you have every tasted........then he said...the one thing I really miss is sausages!! It made me laugh. A few minutes later DH came into the room and said 'were you eating oranges'? Did I dream this or did my Dad come to visit me - I think the latter......

Its a memory I have held onto.