Gi plans??


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I use the patrick holford books ...he has a GL diet made easy and the a bible book and a couple of cook books, although I have the greek doctors diet book and rob thompsons book as they all seem to give out the same message.

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There are so many out there. What one person likes, another will not like at all. The more you read, you can confuse yourself.
Have a browse on Amazon and read reviews for some before choosing.
Ones I have read include:
Patrick Holford GL -Diet Bible which is an indepth read. This is the one I liked best but it is very indepth. I have never bothered to count gls as he says to do. I just took the basic principles on board.
Nigel Denby -GL diet made Easy which is good and similar to Rick Gallop. A traffic light system approach.
Anthony Worral Thompson -GL Diet made Simple which has lovely recipes but not too much indepth info.
GL Diet Counter by Dr Winnie Chan is invaluable for checking both cals and whether or not something is low or high GL. This is my " go to" book for quick checking.
Patrick Holford - Low GL Diet Cookbook gives enough info on GL plus lovely recipes.
Dr Rob Thompson -Glycemic load diet book. He's a cardiologist and has a lot of common sense info. He says just adapt current recipes as following GL should nit be complicated.
I know a lot of people love Rick Gallop's books too but I have not read them.


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I have Patrick Holford GL -Diet Bible and cookbook. It was really helpful when I was starting out, gives a lot of great info and recipes. Though now I've learned to do low GL my way. Take the foods I used to eat and sub out the heavy GLs with low GLs.