Giraffe Pasta


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Hi guys
For lunch today I had a simple pasta with tomatoes (this made up the sauce and there were cherry tomatoes in there too) with basil, rocket and some mozerella.
Do you think this meal would be free on a green day with the cheese being a healthy extra??
The pasta sauce was quite literally just mashed up tomatoes??
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Was this out in a restaurant? Then it's likely they used some oil in the sauce so I would allows syns for that. And it would also depend on the amount of cheese. I suspect it would be more that you can take as a HE.


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it wouldnt be free hon no.

its difficult to tell syns because you never know exactly what they use and it can still be very high without really knowing.. so example.. 100g of the tom pasta at the salad bar at pizza hut is 5.5 syns, yet there is hardly ANY sauce on it? so imagine what it'd be like to have a nice big bowl of pasta smothered in it?

i'd have allowed 10 syns.. xx