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Girlie Question! Does CD effect TOTM???


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HI all,

I've been getting TOTM sysmptoms for the last 2 1/2 weeks yet nothing so far. I'm definately (!!!) not pregnant so does CD effect TOTM, and if so how does it effect it - as in do periods completely stop or last longer? I know everyone is different, but a general idea would be great!


Much love, chelle xx
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Hiya Chelle,

This one is tough to answer as everyone os different but Ill let you know what happened to me!

CD makes you lose fat from all over, internally as well which can kick start your overies in to production.

I am on a pill where I am not supposed to have periods, and before CD had not had one for 4 years! In the first 4 weeks of cd I had 3 periods.

I am now back to not having any.

It can make a massive differnce to your cycle at first, this is because your body is getting vitamins and minerals that it hasnt had before.

When you say symptons, if its bloated ones, are you drinking enough water as if not you can retain it.

You will settle down eventually though so dont fret x


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Hi Vicky!

Thanks for the reply!
I have PCOS so my periods are all over the place, but usually my cycles are around 35-45 days.
My symptoms have been PMT type - really irriatable & hormonal & period type bloating, aswell as cramps. I'm drinking 6 litres of water a day, so I really don't think the bloating is from that as I'm going to the loo loads of times! LOL

Anyway, thanks for ur advice!

Much love, chelle xx

Mrs Roch

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Hi chelle

I've got PCOS too and I remember when I was trying to conceive that I was told by my Gyni that losing just 5% of your body weight can alter your menstral cycle. At the time I hadn't had a period for about 16 months.

I presume you don't take any kind of contraceptive as that would regulate your periods - I've been on the pill ever since having my son because it seems to control some of the other PCOS symptoms (for me in particular the acne).

Unfortunately some of the other sympoms of the PCOS is mood swings and depression so what you might be experiencing might not be PMS symptoms but connected to the PCOS. My first 3 days on the diet I was really moody.

I know the method of the diet is easy (ie: absolutely no food to worry about) but it's hard mentally and physically not to eat. All our lives we've been used to the physical act of eating, when we're young food's been used as treats for good behaviour and as we get older we use it as consolation and comfort when we feel sad/bad/upset.

I think the odd bad mood on this diet is more than acceptable and should be considered part of it....


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Hiya Hannah

Thanks for the response!
Yeh, the dreaded PCOS huh?!
I suffer from terrible acne too! The mood swings depend on what I eat. I normally get excpetionally bad PMT before a period and have PMT for the last few weeks, but apart from when it's TOTM and if i haven't eaten carbs (i'm an addict!) my moods are usually quite level. I can't take the pill, is makes me soo hormonal that hubby asked me not to take it anymore *LOL* :eek:
I think it's probably my cycles have fluffed up again - oh the joys of being a PCOSer!!!!!!

Thanks hun!

Much love, Chelle xx

Mrs Roch

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Most of the time I can live with it, just sometimes I pull myself up when I'm in a bad mood or feeling really low and tearful because I know it's the PCOS.

Good luck chelle - you're doing really well with the weightloss

:D :D :D



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The reason a vlcd effects your cycle is that the rapid weight loss releases estrogen that is stored in your fat into your blood stream.

It can increase your fertility!

With some they do settle down and with others it is when they finish the diet.

I am wondering what will happen me when I run out of fat as I have gone through the change:rolleyes: and I feel like a young one just now...

Guess I have to wait and see.

Love Mini xxx


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I was wondering the same thing actually. As Im normally pretty regular. Should have started at the weekend. But still nothing. Rather worried now lmao!