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girls ... i really need some help. surgery coming up

:sign0009:Hi all, havent been on here for a few days, so a bit of a catch up . was meant to be ss this week and it hasnt gone too well.
anyway i went to see the gynaecologist yestereday , to get this damn mirena coil out ....... and he couldnt do it either !!! had enough of being poked and prodded and being in pain . ( hence being up at 5 am ... maybe i should start the daily thread !!)anyway great outcome, he thinks my tackle is in a mess after 4 c sections and hes going to do a hysterectomy :party0049:. really thought i would have to push for one as im 36 but he agreed straight away . He said he has to go in thru abdoment but hes not sure whether to go thru c section scar or not s it is so tough .... hope he does cos then he can tidy it up on the way out ... a bit of a mini tummy tuck as that is the point where my tum hangs over it self !! he will decide when he is in if ovaries come out as well as they are covered in cysts , but dont really fancy hrt at my age so have to wait and see. best of it is he is going to try and get me in before xmas but the longest i will wait is 8 weeks .
so now im undecided what to do . i currently weigh 11 1/2 stone ish (on the hospital scales ) on my cdc i weigh 11 9. did want to get below 11 however as i dont know when he will get me done is it sensible to ss or not ???? but if he gets me in before xmas , then im only looking at a few weeks !!!
my plan is too have my cd packs esp banana milkshake after surgery as supplements si i know im getting all my daily uptake of vits and minerals etc, if im not feeling too clever and dont want to eat big meals !!
so my question , do i have maybe a couple of small meals and a pack ? or 1 small meal and a pack .
it would be in my best interests to be at least half a stone lighter before surgery but at the same time i dont want to do anything that may put me at risk !
well ill stop waffling now and see if i can go back to sleep for a bit .
catch you all later !!!

love sue
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I can't advise as I really don't know the answer, but just wanted to say good luck for your operation whenever it happens! I hope you will have a quick recovery :hug99:
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awe bless.. i would chat to your cdc if i were you, or maybe ring head office yourself.. i would defo introduce food myself personally..


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Hi Sue, I'm not able to offer any advice on what to do about CD but I do wish you all the best with the surgery. Having had abdominal surgery myself, all I can say is it bloomin hurts afterwards so perhaps best not to have it too close to xmas if you can possibly avoid it. But your a nurse so know much more than I do!!!



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Hey pal it's good to see you on here! Good news that they are going to do surgery, did you mention any of your queries about the diet to the gynaecologist? Also I agree that talking to your cdc is a gd idea she may know whats best for you :) Apart from that I can't offer much advice either, sorry, but really hope everything works out well for you with everything. Would be good to get a chat soon, been soooo busy making tipi, tiling bathroom (which still has another 2 days work in it!!) trying to keep up with mountain of washing, stripping the hallway... oh dear the list is endless lmao, nevermind :sigh: Hope your day is going well so far and that you're not in too much pain hun, big hug :hug99: Keep your chin up! x


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Hi Sue

I second the advice - speak to your CDC and ask him/her to speak to Head Office. Also speak to your GP as they are the ones who know your medical history and can give an informed suggestion. Wishing you all the best for your surgery :hug99:

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