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Snacks Girls night in

Hi all
I'm quite new to this and could do with a bit of advise...
I've got friends coming over on Saturday to watch x factor and normally we'd snack on crisps, dip, bread, olives etc.
Can anyone recommend any nice low syn, or even better syn free snacks that u can serve up but that wont seem too diet-y... haven't mentioned that I'm doing SW to them...
Thank you!
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Make your own dips:

Red pepper hummus: roast red pepper in oven ( spray with fry light) when cooled blitz together in food processor, tin chick peas, peppers, garlic, lemon juice bit of salt and pepper to taste

Tzatziki: fat free fromage frais or 0% Greek yog, with chopped up cucumber and garlic

Salsa: chopped tomato, tin plum tomatoes (without too much juice) onion, garlic, couple jalapeño peppers, peppers, chilli powder

Pea guacamole: boil peas, let cool, process with garlic, onion, chilli powder, Lemon juice, then I add some cherry tomatoes chopped up at the end

I'm veggie, but my mum does sw and she does a salmon or tuna dip with 0% Greek yog and herbs pepper etc

Serve with veg crudities (spelling ooops!) can get co op or asda wholemeal pitta bread which 1 is healthy extra B, make slimming world chips but as potato wedges. Get some crisps for the girls but resist if you don't want them knowing!! (fatal in my case!!)

This is what im doing sat night x factor night in too!!!

You could also make chicken kebabs or something meaty like that???

Hope some of this helps :)
Home made hummus? With veg crudites. My Spicy Jalapeno hummus is here

SW chips? Sprinkle with piri piri shake or something to make it interesting.

Make loads of different fat free/low fat dips using 0% or 2% Greek yoghurt and mixing it with spices, lemon juice, mint sauce, or whizzing it with a bunch of coriander or basil or whatever herbs you like.

Or make it like a "takeaway" night with home made healthy burgers/pizza/kebabs/falafels?
Pea guacamole: boil peas, let cool, process with garlic, onion, chilli powder, Lemon juice, then I add some cherry tomatoes chopped up at the end

Ooh I like the sound of that, it is going on Ze Lizt! :)
Here we go, some Saturday munchies ideas:

Healthy chips:


Or falafels:

Or healthy burgers:

Or fritters:

Hummus, all different flavours of this you could do:


SW cocktails:

Fruit kebabs:

ermintrude said:
Ooh I like the sound of that, it is going on Ze Lizt! :)
It is quite yummy! Not quite the same as avocado but gives me my guacamole fix!!!

Ermintrude, I found your photo diary the other day - your food looks lush!! I will definitely be trying some if your recipes!! :)
What about pizzas?

Spread FREE Passatta onto Weight Watchers tortilla wraps (5 Syns each) and top with chicken/ham/bacon and all the veggies you like. Top with cheese (HExA or Synned). Pop in oven for 10-15 minutes, or until the base looks golden brown/cheese is melted.

I usually top mine with chicken, red onion, sweetcorn, cherry tomatos and mixed peppers - very yummy indeed and only 5 Syns if you count cheese as your Healthy Extra A choice :drool: xx
Wow thank you everyone, they all sound fab!
Think I'll definitely go with the dips and crudités, and I like the idea of some mini kebabs and potato wedges too...
Have been craving pizza s might have to try that one tonight rather than wait for tomorrow! Lol!
Also found a recipe for vegetable pakoras on the website so think I'll make a few of them too.
Really excited now! Just have to try and go easy on the vino otherwise all my good work will come undone :-\
Ermintrude wat are in those cocktails and how many syns please? Mmm everythin looks so delicious x
Those ones were Mojitos (rum, lime, mint & soda). I didn't think they were that amazing (and I havent really made them look very pretty in that shot! :eek: ) but they could be if you fiddle with quantities a bit. I think the key is to make whatever you're making look great, then it feels a bit luxurious even if it's not totally amazing :D So whatever spirit you're having, use a suitable diet mixer and chuck a little lime juice (or lemon/orange/whatever is appropriate), a bit of fresh mint or a strawberry, cherry or something else that else looks good on top. And chuck in a cocktail stirrer or whatever, all makes it look great and add to the feeling you're being naughty! :)

Makes 4 @ 2.5 syns each

* 100ml Light Rum (10 syns)
* Juice of 2 Limes
* 4 tsp Splenda
* 4 sprigs mint (& extra to garnish)
* diet Soda Water
* plenty of ice

* Lightly crush mint and Splenda with a splash of soda water until Splenda dissolves and you smell the mint
* Divide equally between 4 glasses, add ice and pour lime juice and rum over
* Top with soda water and garnish with a sprig of mint
i think those cocktails will defo be going onto my list. me friend and i are in sw and are always looking for ways to enjoy a night in without feeling deprived of nice "stuff". thanks

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