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give a reason why other than size and health that you wish to loose weight


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One of mine, excluding the obvious, was because I never wanted my photo taken. There are very few pics of me and my daughter over quite a few years and those that I do have are with her stood in front of me or her sat on my knee.

I don't mind having my photo taken these days and it still surprises me to see how I look!!


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I want to be able to sit comfortably, and be able to curl up on sofa. I don't want to feel self conscious when I'm in public, particularly if I'm eating something, like anybody else might do, but I feel really conspicuous and think people will be judging me for it because I'm overweight. Silly, I know...


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It's not silly Minders!! I don't mind eating "naughty" things in public now (occassionally) as I don't feel judged. When I was big though I would eat those things in secret!


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there are loads of piccies of my husband with our children but very very few of me.
also with the sitting comfortable, have you noticed (i have) that you seem to sit taller. i think it is all the layers of fat on my bottom :eek::eek:


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To be confident in public, always felt like i was being judged for my weight. xxx


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To no longer be the chubby one in an office of size zeros.


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to enjoy my training and become a good childrens nurse, how can i expect a patient to eat healthy and take care of themselves when i dnt

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Um, because my partner is 22 years younger than me...So anything I can do to look younger and fitter helps! :D
to have babies,

be lighter than my oh

and be smaller than my little sis!! lol


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Lighter than my oh hahahaha that day will never come he is about four inches shorter than me but i would like to be on a par with him to be really slim, and also i wanna walk in a room just once or twice and this is gonna seem really shallow but i don't care, and think i have the best body in this room HA and i may even have to stand on a chair and shout it at people lmao i then intend to get out my slimming world book and show them my awards just to prove how hard i worked to get it.
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My reason is my lack of self-esteem about the way I look. I hate having my picture taken to the point of reacting angrily if people try. Also, I noticed that I was closing my eyes when in front of a mirror to avoid looking at myself. Someone caught me doing this in the Ladies at work - it was at this point I finally realised that something had to be done and I joined SW.


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I want another baby and this time I'd like to look pregnant instead of people wondering if I'm pregnant or just fat like last time. Someone once congratulated me on being pregnant when I wasn't.:cry:
I want to wear nice fitted clothes instead of hiding under sacks and only showing attractive bits like cleavage.
I want to lose the jowls off my face and be pretty again.
I want people to see me as attractive like they did when I was younger.
I would like to weigh less than my partner too. I can already fit in his jeans though :D


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and be smaller than my little sis!! lol

Lol i was thinking the same but about my older sister. Might sound petty but i've been overweight my whole life and she was a skinny child who got fat at uni then lost it all again. Feels good to know i've had tweo children and i'm smaller than her now :D.

Also want to be a healthy role model for my girls, that includes eating healthy and being active.

Also don't want to be 'the fat one' when i start uni in september, cos i'll probably be in a class full of skinny minnies!

oh and maybe have more children in a few years time and know what it feels like to be pregnant and not overweight beforehand.

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