Give up added sugar challenge?

Discussion in 'Challenges - Weight Loss & Otherwise!' started by pixie-gem, 15 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    Hey everyone,

    Having tried many times and failed, I would love to know if anyone else would like to try and curb their sugar addiction?

    I tried the no sugar at all way and failed miserably (all I wanted was beans!) so thinking maybe trying to eliminate the added sugar first and would love some other folks who are interested to join me

    So if so, jump in and say hi and maybe we can knock that particular fairy on it's butt :)

    I will be starting tomorrow, because I have some sweet stuff in the house and I can't just throw things away ;)

    Also if you have any tips/ideas/advice as to how to go about it, what to do, how to cope etc then you are very welcome to stick your nose in :D

    Pixie xx
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  3. daisybell18

    daisybell18 Silver Member

    I've been toying with this for a while now as well. Happy to join forces and give it a go.

    I have masses of fruit that needs eating up, courtesy of a friend who sent it instead of flowers following recent op so will also avoid added sugar. Does sweetener count? Tend to agree that cold turkey is not the way to go but would love to bash the sugar cravings on the head once and for all.

    Apparently cinnamon is a good substitute ( on fruit I presume and not in coffee!) will report back on that one.....
  4. GingerJV

    GingerJV Silver Member

    Hey Pixie! This is great idea! i am with you) Let's try to slowly forget about the sugar for ever!!!;-))) From the first time you can substitute sugar with a little of honey! it can help and honey is very useful for health)
  5. daisybell18

    daisybell18 Silver Member

    Chocolate - just read up on this. Recommendations - eat high cocoa content ie 70% and above. Check ingredients label to make sure sugar is not first on the list. Which brand has lowest sugar content? I am on a mission....
  6. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    Hi Daisy, thanks for joining me :) I've heard that about cinnamon unfortunately i don't like it but if it works for others then why not :)

    I've read a few books, namely Sweet Poison by David Gillespie and I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson (i have the latter in mobi. format for the kindle if anyone wanted it, i'm happy to email it) and they both say in the first few weeks that sweetener can be used to take the edge off, same with fizzy drinks and crisps etc, aim being to replace sugar with fat because out body has satiety signals for fat, carbs and protein but not for sugar x

    Hi Ginger, thanks for joining :) I have some low sugar bars that i need to eat down (slimming world bars etc, all under 100 cals) but i'm going to try and aim to just have one a day until they are all gone. I don't add sugar personally to drinks or food, but i eat a lot of cakes/biscuits/chocolate etc (hence the joining SW!) I did think about just eating them all today (and i could but i shouldn't!) but i've been down that road before and then tomorrow never comes! I hope that made sense lol

    World Health Organisation recommend no more than 10g a day i believe, but i will check on that. There are some people who do really strictly, they cut carbs, fruit, dairy etc, and not eating meat that would be very difficult for me. x

    Ah - chocolate! I think it's your common brands that are the worst, so Cadbury, Nestle etc. I know things like Green & Blacks aren't lower than 65%, Lindtt do a gorgeous strawberry dark chocolate at 85% but i can only have a tiny bit of it because i have a hernia and it doesn't agree with me lol. Let us know what you find! x

    Today is my first proper day on my diet (SW) which does limit sugars and fats as you only get 300 calories worth of syns, and considering i only eat real organic butter, that uses most of it. So while i still have my treat bars, i'm going to aim for 10 syns (100 calories) of added sugar which is one a day.

    I think quitting sugar entirely, my main problem would be beans and bananas. I don't worry about Dairy as some do but thats because it's Lactose and not Fructose which is the bad one.

    There are lots of youtube videos on the way our bodies deal with "bad" sugar, i would be happy to copy and paste them if anyone wanted to watch them xx
  7. daisybell18

    daisybell18 Silver Member

    I am on a roll. No chocolate for almost a week (5 days to be precise) and I feel better for it. It seems to act as a trigger for sugar cravings generally. Have also been steering clear of diet drinks as they also feed the sweet monster in me.

    Yesterday I finished reading "pure, white and deadly" by John Yudkin. He wrote this in the seventies I think. Why has it taken us so long to wake up to? A bit high brow but gets the message across loud and clear. I had no idea of the types of food that convert to bad sugars.

    Will continue to eat fruit for the time being but am certainly more aware now.
  8. daisybell18

    daisybell18 Silver Member

    Hangs head in shame..... The chocolate demon grabbed me a couple of days ago and I devoured two chunky KitKats in a day. Why oh why does OH keep them in the house? And more importantly how can I go for over a week without, then succumb to the cravings?
  9. daisybell18

    daisybell18 Silver Member

    Brilliant idea. Separate snack boxes - will need to get my thinking cap on as to what I could put in mine. The contents of his come straight to mind unforTunately!!!!!
  10. MrsLmc

    MrsLmc Gold Member

    Hey. Don't know if this thread is still on the go. But I would love to join. I need to follow the Candida diet for a while so no sugar for me. Was hoping to follow some like minded people :D
  11. daisybell18

    daisybell18 Silver Member

    Happy to discuss ideas although have to admit I haven't cut natural sugars out of my diet and I do very occasionally succumb to the chocolate monster! What is the candida diet?
  12. MrsLmc

    MrsLmc Gold Member

    Candida diet is a plan I have to follow for 6 weeks to cut candida out of my system. I'm explained it all in my thread in the silver section. Its quite restrictive but supposed to be very affective at helping with cravings too. I'm basically not allowed dairy, sugars, yeast and caffeinne.
    How are you all getting on now?
  13. jlidgy

    jlidgy Member

    This is a great idea! Sugar is evil and messes with your body! Is it best to cut it out little by little, replace it with sweetener or go cold turkey?! X
  14. Starski

    Starski Member

    I read pure, white and deadly too :)

    Am all for this... Biggest challenge for me! Not just chocolate but all refined white stuff has loads of sugar, ready meals (savoury ones), cereal, even ready made salad dressings... Definitely a tough one. Will try.

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