Given up!


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I'm new here, but not to dieting and i need some advice.
I've lost around 2 stone following the slimming world plan, and was doing ok, but i've been ill and given up.
I am just recovering from having flu, and it was full blown flu, and my eating has been awful. I've just eaten bread and frankfurters and anything else that is quick and easy.
I actually feel awful with myself. My hubby & family say not to worry as its beyond my control, the last thing i could think about was my diet. (hubby works in away in London during week, so he couldnt help). My sister did come over alot to help me, but shes pregnant & didnt want to get to near me and catch anything, as it is she has caught it! Mum was up in Northants looking after my nan whos got flu.
So you can imagine, i just feel crap.
Everytime i start dieting i go really well for first 2 weeks, then i just cheat myself. I have not successfully dieted in 5 years.

Has anyone got any advice, help they can give me to give me the 'kick up the ass' i need to get my willpower back and get on with it again?

:cry: Thanx in advance Sophie x x
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"they can give me to give me the 'kick up the ass' i need"

Sophie! What you need is a hug and lots of sympathy:hug99:. In the great scheme of things, what is a lost two weeks to worry about. Why do we always beat oursleves up when we 'fail' on our diets? Oh, I do it too, it is so negative and only makes me feel even worse:sigh:.

Tell me Sophie, would you feel the need to kick your best friend up the bum if she broke her diet because she'd been really poorly with the flu. NO, you would be kind and sympathetic and say things like 'give yourself a break, hun, you can do the diet when you have recovered', or 'you've done really well with this diet, and you will soon get back on track when you're better'.

I think we need to treat ourselves like our best friends, and be kind, respectful, thoughtful, and positive...

You look after yourself Sophie, be your best friend, and when you feel better, get back to the diet. Let's face it, it ain't going anywhere!



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Yep dont give up on yourself. AJ is right in the grand scheme of things what is two weeks?? We all have speed bumps along the way


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give me the 'kick up the ass' i need to get my willpower back and get on with it again?

i have a rubber chicken i could slap you with on weigh in days if you wanted :giggle: lol

tell you what...if you loose...i will let you slap me.....if you gain...i will slap you LOL :D



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I'm the same! the first few days are the hardest.... then you get into the swing of things.... but then I also think there's another sticking point after 2 weeks! so you're not the only one. that's where i'm stuck at the moment. Perhaps you need to get your head out of weight loss purely as a goal, but getting healthy as one? So as part of your getting healthy, you needed to let your body recover from the flu and yes the laziest thing to do was the best thing to do at the time! Rest is the only real way to get over illness!!!
So now you're feeling better... you need to help your body not be struck down like that again... so you need to fill it full of veggies and healthy stuff... and give up the sugar and the alcohol, and get in some exercise to be the best YOU that you can be!
Let's get over these first couple of weeks together! plus look at some of the inspirational photos on here. Perhaps get rid of all the rubbish food and drinks in your cupboards and get down the supermarket and fill your cupboards with yummy healthy stuff? Perhaps do a big batch of cooking, something fab like chilli or bolognese or soup with lean meat, loads of veg and pulses? then serve it with half rice/pasta and half veg. or salad. i love the hot bolognese with cold lettuce... yummy!!! then get portions of it in the freezer so that you can just heat it up on lazy days?
sorry... i appear to have got a little carried away....


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Good luck sophie xxx