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Discussion in 'JUDDD Diaries' started by Timetogetserious, 5 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Timetogetserious

    Timetogetserious Gold Member


    I have been reading this part of the forum now for a while and have been inspired by a lot of you so thought I would give it a go, I love the health benefits but the main reason is I am a binge eater, quite a serious one and I'm told this can help massively with the issues that go along with it. So I have vowed to give it a go, and am starting today on a down day.

    Wish me luck!

    L xx
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  3. Timetogetserious

    Timetogetserious Gold Member

    So I figure if I go as long as I can on coffee and water then have a meal at 5ish that would work best

    I've worked out this morning as me and my partner have joined crossfit together so I'm hoping I'll be able to still do it on fast day, does anyone find they can't?!
  4. Lexie2005

    Lexie2005 5:2 lover

    Hi & welcome... It works for me honey & we can only give it our best. I have to eat something at lunch normally between 1-200 cals else I get a bad head so then I save whatever I have left for tea about 5-6pm. First few are the hardest but remember whatever you want tell yourself you can have it tomorrow by which times chances are you won't be bothered! Xx
  5. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    Hi! I don't eat til dinner (usually 6ish) and I feel fine on it. It's worth playing and finding out what's best for you.

    I also run on fast days, usually in the morning and that's been fine. Haven't tried longer than 4 miles but have done intervals ok.

    I generally find exercising the morning after a fast day worse, worth bearing on mind.

    Also bear in mind that of you are exercising intensely, that can affect your eating in other ways - for example, doing 4:3 made me prone to bingeing, but I'm fine on 5:2.

    I sleep very badly on fast days, but other than that it's a fab diet!

    Good luck!
  6. Timetogetserious

    Timetogetserious Gold Member

    Thank you for the advise, I've had homemade soup at 150 cals and have 80 cals for skimmed milk, I am due to work out tomorrow morning so will see how I feel when I get up.
    I think I'm going to try 4:3 for now and so I remember I think it's going to look like this

    Monday DD
    Tuesday UD
    Wednesday UD
    Thursday DD
    Friday DD
    Sat UD
    Sun UD

    Now I think I've naturally done that the wrong way round!? Am I meant to have more down than up? Also I've worked out that my TDEE is 1700 so shall I strict calorie count on those days?

    Sorry for all the questions!! Xx
  7. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    I did 3 down days and I couldn't cope with 2 in a row so did tues, Thurs & I only do 2, I currently do sun & Thurs. I also have a cheat day where I eat my tdee + up to 1000 extra cals...

    So my week looks like

    M - 2000 cals
    T - 2000 cals
    W - 2000 cals
    Th - 500 cals
    F - 3000 cals
    S - 2000 cals
    S - 500 cals

    Bear in mind those are my upper limits - I usually eat 1800 ish and last cheat day was 2500.

    I also exercise 30-60 mins most days and spend most working days on my feet.

    I calorie count, but only v roughly. I'm aiming to move away from it!

    You could google juddd calculator which will give you a different limit for up days...

    Tbh I'd try not counting for a week and see how you get on
  8. Timetogetserious

    Timetogetserious Gold Member

    Well I've managed up to now on 250 cals and feel ok just got bad acid in my throat.
    Another question... Do you eat back exercise calories, if so I'm on a negative so would I get more calories for tea?
    Thanks AGAIN!! X
  9. Lexie2005

    Lexie2005 5:2 lover

    I've never eaten my exercise cals from day one, I just figured it's meaning I lose more. Everyone is different though x
  10. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    I don't eat them back either. If you're using you're tdee they'll be factored in to an extent anyway. I enjoy exercise less if I feel I have to do it to catch up calories...
  11. Timetogetserious

    Timetogetserious Gold Member

    Thank you that's fine with me, I'm ending the day on 587 but I might try lower it by only have 1 egg with my rye bread

    Touch wood it has been ok, 3 litres of water and 4 coffees
    Rye bread and 2 eggs

    Hope the above sounds ok. Usually I'll limit the carbs more as they hate me!
  12. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    Sounds great if it worked for you, well done! The first is the hardest!
  13. Timetogetserious

    Timetogetserious Gold Member

    Do you find you have to limit carbs on up or down days, the reason I ask is they are usually what cause me to binge but I love them lol! X
  14. Lexie2005

    Lexie2005 5:2 lover

    It's only really bread that causes me an issue cos if I eat too much I bloat x
  15. Timetogetserious

    Timetogetserious Gold Member

    Well tea is done and I'm really full which is nice, had the last of my bread and won't bother again as I think I'd be better limiting them in my DD
    Not sure how much weight I've put on on the last few weeks I had lost half a stone but think it will be back on so starting weight will be about 12.10! I want to get back to at least 11 as I felt great there and looked really slim
    Exercise will hopefully carry on as well as loving crossfit and my partner will be with me too. We want to get married at the end of the year or beginning of next so I want to be maintaining by then
    Thank you for all the advise I'm sure there will be more tomorrow when I'm on an up day, going to keep it healthy but with things like sweet potato and sauces x
  16. Lexie2005

    Lexie2005 5:2 lover

    Ask away we all support each other x
  17. Timetogetserious

    Timetogetserious Gold Member

    Lol I've got into bed as I'm bored and tend to pick, it's so funny how even with 1 full day of drinking water and being good my rings are looser
    I did dukan for months last year, dropped loads of weight but it's all gone back on plus some, I think because it's a complete reduction of carbs so the moment I give myself an inch I take a mile. I really hope I'm ok tomorrow, I'm going to have a low lunch then a nice filling tea as I don't need to eat much at work, I'm rambling slightly because I'm bored and I think hungry. Looking forward to breakfast as I love it but really want to try and not have carbs, any ideas for a no carb brekkie?

  18. Lexie2005

    Lexie2005 5:2 lover

    Bacon egg mushrooms tomato mmmmm or am omelette x
  19. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    Here to subscribe, good luck!

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  20. Timetogetserious

    Timetogetserious Gold Member

    Well I'm up ready for work after a long week off, really giddy about going back as I got engaged while I was off!
    So anyway food, I woke up not even a little bit hungry and still don't feel like anything, also (which is not like me sorry TMI) I haven't been to the toilet!

    Breakfast: Apple, coffee and a bag of nuts
    Lunch; sweet potato soup
    Dinner: sausages with red onion gravy and vegetable ribbons
    Water and coffee and hot chocolate later
    Doesn't sound much but it will be 1700 cals in quantity lol!!

    Happy Tuesday all xx
  21. Lexie2005

    Lexie2005 5:2 lover

    Aw congratulations!!!!!! Food looks nice for today. I have problems with constipation sadly but eventually it rights itself x

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