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Giving up smoking...

hahah Annie I completly agree I actually want to give up:D Im just worried about being on Zyban whilst being on CD SS. I'll ask the nurse see what shes says.


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Is it going to be harder to give up 2 things at the same time? I don't know. I had to give up alcohol last November and started CD on Jan 7. One didnt seem to affect the other. I know what you mean though, the ingredients in the Zyban could be contra-indicated to ssing. I will be interested to know the answer. x
Well annie I must say I had the same attuitude I didnt want to give up whilst on CD as it was my only vice. But whats the point in giving up at goal only to gain a load of weight? so i figured I might as well do it all in one go and Im not too far off goal now so we'll see.

I'll let you know the answer on monday night x
Best of luck Fuffa. I quit smoking a week before starting ss. I went to an Allen Carr seminar, had been trying to quit for ages then. In the past if I gave up cigarettes I would turn to snacking more, and if I went on a diet I would smoke more. I never thought I could manage doing the two at the same time, but I got such positivity from the seminar that I gave myself one week off the cigs, to be sure to be sure, and then started this diet. I hope to never look back!


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Hello Jen , wow giving up the smokes and SS your going to need all the luck in the world ! i gave up 3 years ago and i put 2 stone on , but for a year i still kept getting feelings to have one . I did not use anything to give up and never told anyone i was going to , i just took each day as it came . I guess now smoking is becoming a habbit that you really can't do in many places . Best of Luck !


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Hi hun if you are ready to give up now is the time .Try everything the doc will give you not everthing will suit you but like dieting you have to find the way that suits you .While at the docs ask about champix I know few peeps who gave up using this all had tried and failed before but found it easier using champix (one of them was on about 70 a day and gave up it was like flicking a switch ).Like all things you need will power too hun.You will find lots of support on here Im sure .You have got diet healthy might as well improve you heart lungs circulation ect to xx good luck
Hi Fuffa

Good luck giving up the demon weed, I am a self confessed chimney! I decided to tackle one thing at a time, weight first then smoking. To be honest smoking may be a while longer as deep down I don't really want to stop at the mo!

Thank you all I will be giving up it's not an option anymore far too money and its not enjoyable for me anymore. I really want Zyban so fingers crossed they give it to me :D xxxxxxxx


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I went to a six week stop smoking course. They suggested various different methods of stopping smoking which were either nicotine replacement in it's various forms, or Zyban. I'm a nurse so did some research into Zyban and it can cause sudden death in a few individuals. So obviously didn't take it. My husband wanted to take it as it sounds like a way to stop smoking painlessly. It also is supposed to give you a feeling of well being. I wouldn't let him use it because of the rare side effects. We both tried patches. My sister had stopped with patches and she smokes 20+ per day for 20 years. They worked for a few weeks until the strength was reduced (nicotine) and then we both kept having a sneaky fag. After about 10-12 weeks we were both back on the cigs. 20 a day.
Last year I bought the Paul Mckenna CD's (4 in a pack from QVC at £40) and thought i mayaswell try it. I did do everything he said and listened to all 4 cd's in one evening. Then I listened to 1 cd as I drifted off to sleep every night for 2 weeks. I didn't have much faith in it working.
I have never had another cig since 2nd July 2007 - 8 months. I used to smoke 15-20 per day for 17 years. I stopped on a sunday and the only bad day was the tuesday when i felt a bit hyper.
I'm not saying its easy, will power was still needed - my husband still smokes as he didn't think hypnosis would work so wouldn't join me in quitting with paul mckenna.
I don't even bother with him smoking now. Smells a bit ash trayish to be honest.
I'm not trying to sound holier than thou. I'm just saying its an option you could try.


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Good Luck Jenn, You can do it, just try not to be too hard on yourself tho'. It's a great and positive move but doing both ss and giving up the fags at the same time is hard. Make sure you keep yourself well occupied for a couple of weeks as they'll be the hardest. You'll have such an amazing new life to look forward to you'll be like a butterfly coming out of its chrysallis of fat and smoke lol. Let us know how you get on
Thanks for all your support guys.Heffa I went on Zyban last year and it worked for me whilst i took it (I only used one packet lol)

Sean you're right and I was ok last time I used it however I was eating so we'll see I just hope I get it again

Hi all!
I also want to give up smoking and I am on SS. I was thinking of trying the new tablet called Champix. Has anyone done the same and got advice?!
You'll want to discuss the pros and cons of taking Zyban with your doctor, but it has one side-effect that's pretty useful: It tends (at least in many people) to act as an appetite suppressant. I took it for a short time and wow, I was never hungry!

Unfortunately, it gave me other side effects (shaky hands and a major feeling of paranoia) so I had to quit.

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