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Wait til you get past 40 - apparently it's the fastest decline in eyesight after then. Made me feel really good!

On the good side, there are some very nice specs these days but on the bad side, the cost. Oh my goodness. Gets me every time!

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Luckily I had a voucher from work to get a free pair because I work with computers.

But when you start to have bad eyesight doesn't it just get worse?!

My grandad has glaucoma, and my dad is currently getting tests done to see if he has it, so chances are when i'm older i'll get that as well. So much to look forward to!!
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Im 26 and a geek chick too!!
Don't worry, as Jaylou says, there's some gorgeous glasses out there now...some really classy ones, funky ones, sophisticated ones, etc. Plus, most places let you have 2 for 1, so you can mix and match to your outfit lol. Iv got an appt to go in a couple of weeks, and I know ill need new ones, and im quite excited to go try em on and hopefully change my look a little lol.
Plus.....there's always contact lenses.....
I wore glasses from being a teen and there are some very cute glasses out there. I used to buy a new pair pretty much every year (mainly due to kids wrecking them!). I got them online from a website called glasses direct. I got some lovely pairs for about £45 and also prescription sunglasses.

Although i have had laser eye surgery now, best thing i ever did but i had to wear glasses all day every day and not just for reading.


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Waheey - that officially makes me a trendy!

I've reversed the process and started wearing contacts:cool:

Stevie two eyes;)


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You'll get used to them in no time :) very smart! Suit you!

Ive had to wear mine all the time (well obv not ALL the time if you get my drift haha) since i was 8 my eyesight is horrific!!!

Laser eye surgery isnt an option apparently as it wouldnt work on my eyes with them being so bad (so im told) but i love my glasses it gives my a face abit of character :) xx
Looking good hun. I went to wearing glasses full time from age 24 / 25, my eyes have also got much worse since I started wearing them and have had to have new stronger glasses every year (now nearly 28), have just started wearing contact lenses though but is such a faff to get them in, nice to have options though.

I also think the are some fab glasses out there, esp in larger Asda / Tesco, cheap and nice! Woo x


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I've had to wear glasses since I was 10, if they're not on my face I feel wierd!

Your face suits glasses though, wear them with pride :)

I've had to wear glasses since I was 10, if they're not on my face I feel wierd!

Your face suits glasses though, wear them with pride :)

Hehe - do you try and push your glasses up your nose even when you're not wearing them?? I'm always doing it! Only time they are annoying is if you're watching tv in bed and fall asleep in them x
I've had glasses since I was around 10 & I've always loved them. Started off only needing them for reading things far away, but gradually my eyes have got worse & now I need them all the time.

I got some cute ones from Specsavers - buy one pair, get one free & I have to say, I love my free (& cheaper, others are designer) the most! They are so great :D

Wear your glasses with pride, & welcome to the club <3

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