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gluten free healthy extras


i've just joined sw and was wondering if anyone knows anything about gluten free diets on it.

their site only states the prescription only bread/rolls etc, but i was diagnosed privately (another story, doctor wasnt interested etc).

marks and spencer now do wheat/gluten free rolls and theyre lovely. would i be safe enough to have one of those in place of a similar roll?

sorry if this is a stupid question, i'm a stupid person ;)
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Hi Colly, glad to see you on board!

I think as long as your bread/rolls are the same weight as the stipulated Hex portions, it shouldn't matter if they're gluten free. Might be worth emailing SW directly though to ask them, I think others on the board have done that with other questions and got an answer.

Good luck on your journey. :)
thank you sweetness!

it wasnt as terrifying as i thought it'd be, and my weight wasnt even as bad as i expected.

still bad mind... ;)

never mind, 8/9/10 stone to go... x
1 Glutafin Gluten Free Select Fibre Bread Roll from a 4 pack

57g Glutafin Select Part Baked Long, Fibre Bread Rolls Gluten Free

are listed on the website for a HeB. It also says any 57g wholemeal roll so it being gluten free shouldn't make a difference.:)
Remember what I said hon, one day at a time and don't think of it as a 'diet' - you've taken the first step to changing your habits forever. It can be done! :)
glutafin is precription only :( but thank you anyway... x
Remember what I said hon, one day at a time and don't think of it as a 'diet' - you've taken the first step to changing your habits forever. It can be done! :)
i feel positive to be honest, i'm dreaming of being slim for the first time in my life and it feels achievable... however long it takes x
Oh sorry what a pain!
thank you for looking anyway!
i'm going to stick to my lovely m+s wheat/gluten free rolls and see how it goes i think..x
Might it be worth going to see your GP and telling him/her you're doing SW? Some practices even prescribe vouchers for the classes, so you never know.
they've been highly, highly unsupportive in the past so i think i'm going to go it without them and prove them wrong.. x
oh i will..
i went to them at the beginning of the year positively begging for help, only to be told very snottily that there were no "freebies" for me and to "eat less, exercise more". wow, thanks, that is some information i DEFINITELY DIDNT KNOW. grrr. i wouldnt be so obese if it was all that easy for me. but oh well, i only go to the doctors once a year on average anyway, so yes, next time i'll make an appointment especially for gloating purposes...hehe x


needs to focus!!!!
hey huni, really feel for you, i've been going round in circles with not being well, in and out of hospital, and they're now thinking that it might be wheat, so i am to try that. Finding it rather difficult just now, good to hear that marks and spencer sell gluten free food, i will need to pop in and have a look. The gluten free food is so expensive eh :(. xx

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