Glycogen stores....


Focused & goin for goal!
...I've heard people talking about them 're-filling' when' you go back to eating properly and this causing you to weigh more (I think!! :confused:)

How much do glycogen stores generally weigh? How much of a person's weight is their glycogen stores?

Just wondering because if I aim for my goal weight and then start re-eating stuff, will I then put on 'glycogen weight'?

Is this glycogen weight only for when you are ssing or does it also count for 790? (I'm on 790 - do I have glycogen??!?!?!)

Confused!! :confused:
so many questions! xx
I've been led to believe that when you do LL management (or presumably the cambridge equivalent) that its designed so that you weigh the same at the end as you do at the start, so I suppose somehow you will rebuild glycogen and lose fat at the same time.... or something. I don't fully understand.

But I think your target is still your target and management sorts it out!

Ok, I dont know too much about it either, but can tell you that I havent put any on after following the full maintence program. Its designed to re introduce foods specifically to stop gain.

Hope this helps, Im sure someone in the know will be in soon x