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Go it alone or go to meetings?

with work and the kids i know i will find it very hard to get to meetings, i have some old ww books at home and with the help of this wonderful site:kissass: i am wondering if going it alone would be a good idea, im a bit confused at how many points im allowed though because ive tried a few sites and come up with different amount of points
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Its up to you what you want to do. I did go to class, now i go it alone. I do miss going but realistically speaking i cant keep going to them forever!

as for points theres a good sticky in this forum for how many you can have.


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Can you do WW online? I think you can as I'm sure I used to..

I do SW online and find it the best of both worlds as I don't like meetings but still want all the up to date info x
i think you can do it online, but i kind of think whats the point of paying to do it online

i'll probably go and register and get some updated info as my books are ancient and then go it alone after that


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Thats what i always suggest, go to the first class and get the books. doing it online can be expensive, especially when your only doing it at home anyway!
Well I think it depends on the type of person you are and if you have the time to commit to a weekly meeting. I bought my books and calculator online (and a pretty note book and pen ...The ones with four different colours but pastel dahling not red,black,blue and green!) ha ha this is actually working as I write the date at the top then breakfast on left and in different colour what I ate and the time I ate and the point value.Same with Lunch and T and Water is at the bottom of the page and i just put ticks for each glass. It never feels alone because of the wonderful members Ive discovered on here and that dread of weighing in front of someone for me (who only recently starting opening my eyes when standing on them )was too awful. Hope some of that helps? Good luck whatever you decide Maria xx
I went to class the first time, went for a month, had really good losses, but then one week i came off track, and didnt want to go back to class because I didnt want to ruin my lovely statistics and be recorded as a gain, so i stupidly said i would go back to class when i had lost it but ended up cancelling my membership!

Ive just started ww again (a few months later after putting it all back on again - naughty naughty) and i might go it alone this time (dont want to be paying out for gym membership and ww)... but im not sure, classes did make me feel v.motivated.... I miss it a bit so might end up going back... not sure... i have a competitive streak too... and it was nice hearing everyones ideas, but then, I hadn't discovered minimins then :) so now I have all of you guys here... might not need a class! :) xx
Cinderz you just gave me a brill idea, why dont the ones doing on their own put the price of the meeting in a jar every week and not open it til target is reached? Bet we would have enough for a whole new outfit! Woo x Maria
I went to a meeting for the first time a month or so ago, and never went back. I personally didnt like them. I had already joined up to WW online and my sister had been a member of this perticular class since January, so i went along with her. It was my very first slimming club meeting and personally im just happy I can go it alone, and have here for support aswell.
Oooo that is a good idea :)... i did think of giving myself a pound in a jar for every pound i lost... but then I thought that wsnt enough... then i thought about putting £10 in a jar for every lb i lost... but that could get a bit expensive (hopefully!)... but the meeting fee one is a great idea!!... it can go next to my "holiday savings" and "christmas" jars! hahaha what am i like! xx
Well exactly hunny, we can save for whatever and put the money in every weigh in and tick it paid on our diary hee hee ...ps how much is the meeting do you know? I will start in the morning and put in two weeks as its 2nd weigh in and my goal is Valentines day so maybe a red sexy dress or fab lingerie to show off my hot new bod...Yay us with our plans xx
like someone said it depends on the person... i need to go to meetings as this is my motivation each week to keep going.. when i hit my target and stopped going i put on a wee bit again so back at the meetings.. like i said i need to go or i dont bother my butt lol
yep irish eyes i went on the treadmill for only the 3 miles yesterday... its weigh in today... dom dom doommmm.. and i went out for lunch yesterday.. and went the whole hog burger big chunky chips and a hot choc ooopss.. and to make matters worse its TOM time.. sigh.. fin gers crossed anyway xo
good idea maria i like it, well im planning to go the the meeting tonite if i can get someone to mind my wee one and not sure how long i will go after probable a month or so, so that i can any info. i need and then go it alone with the help of all you lol
not sure how much it is per week and it might be slighty different here in n.ireland but i just paid £15 at my 1st meeting
I used to go to the classes and only lost 4lb. I'm doing it alone and I've lost 8.5lbs so far. So it definately depends on the individual. You should defo try a few classes if you can but please be aware...if you miss classes you may get charged for the classes you have missed. This will be at the leaders discretion.

I think classes vary. I used to pay £5.50.Not sure how much they're now.
I've been to classes before and they always worked for me as I think the thought of standing in front of someone to be weighed kept me on the straight and narrow! A couple of years ago me and a friend went every week to Boots and got weighed and that worked really well - must be the competitive side of me, I didn't want her to beat me! This time I'm going it alone because at the moment I can't afford to go to classes. I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to stick to it but I've got to say that finding MiniMins has really given me a lot of motivation to stick to it. It's early days yet but fingers crossed, hopefully it's going to work and I can get to where I want to be.

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