go on, do it...


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Slap me, really hard. Kick up the backside. A good ol' fashioned whipping... what ever takes your fancy.

I REALLY need it. Well, I did need it.

Not only 1week after starting back on SW, having lost 3lbs, my OH convinced me (despite my earlier attempt resulting in down right starvation) to do WW with him. I gave it another go. FOOOOL. I have done my first week. And only lost 1.5lbs, I'm starving. Every day is a struggle and I found myself really having to distract myselffrom feeling hungry, and eating packets of sugarfree jelly. Its ridiculous!!! Barely ate any fruit/veg as most of its pointed.

On a good note. I am 0.5lb less than my last SW WI. So I am joining you all... AGAIN. If I can stick to a diet which starves me sw will be a doddle hehe. Just make sure you all get on here and nag me once in a while yes??

I want to give Red plan a go, can someone explain??

I feel really ashamed to have switched so many time since Xmas!! I know its right this time. The stupid hunger has proved it once and for all. Xx
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Welcome back x

With the red plan you can eat as much lean meat and fish as you would like. As much fruit and veg as you would like with exceptions (potatoes and peas aren't free). Then you are allowed TWO HeA & TWO HeB options. Plus your normal amount of syns.

A measured amount of peas and potatoes (skins on) can be a HeB option.


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:asskick:Well you asked for it - so here it is....

I hope it helps you. X


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Welcome back to sw hun :)
Eed days ae fine, if you feel hungry between meals then have some deafood sticks, they are pretty tasty and make a good snack :)