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Goal and Motivation.


I am sat here a little bored, so thought I would start a nice thread about all of our goals (main, mini etc) and our motivation to get there....

My Ultimate goal would be 8st 7lb which is what I was back before having kids:p I am not sure I would manage that, or even if I would 'suit' being that slim again, now I am bit older:eek:. If I feel comfortable by the time I am 9st 7lbs I may settle for that, but I suppose I won't know until I get there.

I have 4 gorgeous children and am now happy that I am all done baby making:8855: and will hopefully be starting university next september. How lovely would it be, to be slim and confident for then;)

Mel xx
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well id love to be about 9 stone 7lbs, that will be right where i was before i had my son.. near enough 6 yrs ago.. yikes!!!
ever since i had him my weight has gone up and up and up!
i think ive put on (since being my heaviest at 202lbs) 69lbs
after working it out thats 31 bags of sugar ive put on.. hmm thats a scary thought. so only 20 bags of sugar left to lose lol.
realistically id love to be around 10.7lbs i would of said 11 stone but when i checked my bmi at 11 stone it still said overweight! so my target is for a healthy bmi at 10stone 7lbs.
my current goal though is to get to 13 stone by xmas. so roughly in sugar terms again 4 bags lol
My first goal, when I wasn't weighing myself, was to get into a size 12. I hit that fairly quickly so I then started tracking my weight loss and aimed for 10 stone. I hit that a few weeks ago and have continued to lose weight so I've now changed my goal to 9 stone. I am a small person and the more I lose, the more 'petite' I am starting to look. I have never been this small before but it suits me. I am a healthy BMI but I want to be 'safely' in the healthy zone in case I put on weight at Christmas etc. I'm also hoping to conceive fairly soon and the smaller I can be when that happens the less difficult it will be to lose the extra weight afterwards.

Unfortunately my plans have been a little bit scuppered recently. I am getting married in just under two weeks and my measurements were taken at the beginning of September. Since then I have lost two inches off bust, waist and hips respectively. I am now in the situation of wanting to lose more weight to be as small as possible on my wedding day but also not wanting to wear a baggy dress on the day. I may have to maintain for the next few weeks which scares the hell outta me!! The dress arrives here on Wednesday so I'll report back!
Well I have never been slim so I don't really know how I will look or anything to know a goal. So I have a load of goals to get to where I will have to see how I feel.

The first main one is 177lbs (12st 9lbs). This is from when I took the Dukan weight goal thing and that's what it said I should aim for. I know it is not a healthy BMI but I dunno if I will ever be that small lol. I hope to get here in December :)

Then I will keep just seeing how I go til I reach 154lbs (11st). Worked this goal out somewhere too but can't think where now, but I know I must have kept a record of it for some reason lol!

Then after that 149lbs is me right at the top of having a healthy BMI :)

There was this site of people at different weights and heights and bodyshapes, and looking at those pictures, I don't think I would aim for below 140lbs. The pictures of the people for my bodyshape and height under that I just kept thinking wow she's so thin. Definitely not for me I don't think.

For now though, my first big goal is to get out of being 'Obese' and become 'Overweight' by the end of November! And then to be well into the 170s by the New Year :)
Hope the dress fitting and maintaining goes well Morrigan!
Thanks lovely! It has been playing on my mind a bit today as I have been really worried that the dress will now look silly. At the start of this 'journey' last November I used the dress as my motivation. I wanted to look and feel slim on my wedding day. I appear to have gone a little TOO far with that goal. I knew it would be made to measure but honestly didn't think my measurements could change so much in 6 weeks. It's a lace up back so *fingers crossed* it should be okay. I hope so!!
P.s I know exactly what you mean about not knowing what goal you should have. I have never been slim before and it's hard to know where the 'end point' is. I'm hoping we'll just know when we get there! I was happier about getting to Overweight than anything else!!
Yes, I'm another that wants to get to 'overweight' lol x

I must point out that I was 8st 7lbs back before I had children, well I had my eldest when I was just turned 21...so for most of my 20th yr I had been pregnant.....My eldest is about to turn 11, eeeeeeeek, where did that time go.

I was 7mths pregnant on my wedding day! BUT it is our 10yr anniversary next september so as well as a nice new figure for the start of uni I would love to wear a nice fitted dress for our 10yr anniversary :) TBH I would have loved to have gone back to Cyprus (where we got married) but our eldest will be only just starting secondary school so I feel that it isn't appropriate to take him out of school :(
I have so much weight to loose, so I am breaking mine up into little goals so as not to over face myself. First of all I would like to be out of the 300's (only 10 to go). Then I want to be out of the 20's. (266 pounds) This is the big one for me, and I hope it will happen before next June.
At the moment my goal is to be a size 18 for Christmas. Not sure it will happen, but I can try. I loose inches when I go to the gym so lot's of working out for me before Christmas. I am just in a size 22!!

I, like Bostik cannot imagine what it will be like to be slim, so I am going into this blind. I just cannot wait to feel healthier and happier.

Morrigan, I am sure you will be fine. Luckily the dress is a lace up, so my fingers are crossed for you. I am sure you will look beautiful though, and all this hard work will have paid off. :)
Yeah. Also especially as I can't see the changes as much as anyone else can when I look in the mirror, I think if I get to 140lbs and want to go lower, I'll maintain a bit first. After seeing pictures of people at like 130 and 120 at my height, and thinking woah, that's too thin for me, I think at some point I am going to need to stop and let my head catch up with me. It's all going a bit too fast! Lol. I still can't quite believe I'm heading towards being in the 12 stone bracket!
I think little goals are definitely the way forward - it makes it seem so much less daunting! I remember my first goal was to fit into a pair of knee high boots!

Bostik I think you definitely have a good strategy for goal :)
Morrigan said:
I think little goals are definitely the way forward - it makes it seem so much less daunting! I remember my first goal was to fit into a pair of knee high boots!

Bostik I think you definitely have a good strategy for goal :)
This was one of mine too, then not having my thighs rub and hurt
I know what you mean about your dress.

Mine was a lace up corset one and I had hugeproblems with it. I had to have it adjusted 3 times the last being the week before my wedding.

It fitted perfectly the week before and even though I didn't lose weight that week my size shape or size changed as it didn't fit on the day and kept slowly falling down!

It stayed up about half an hour at a time by the afternoon and my mum kept having to pull it up and re do up the laces and in the end I had to change out of it during my evening reception as it wouldn't stay up 5 minutes!

It looks great on all the pictures though ha ha
Aww goodthings, I'm sort of relieved I'm not the only one with this problem!! Thankfully my dress has sleeves so I won't have to keep yanking it up. I have lost almost two inches off my bust since I was measured for the dress so if I didn't have sleeves that almost certainly would have happened. As it is, I may have to stuff my bra for the first time in my life ;) Maintaining is so blinkin' hard though - I've lost two pounds over the last few days and no idea why as I'm not doing anything different. Must be nervous energy!

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