Nicki xxx
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I WILL be thin!!
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Well done, its a great feeling, isnt it!!


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OMG, that is awesome. I'm so happy for you.:)

You've also reminded me that I need to take measurements.



this time - the last time
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Brilliant. Well done!


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Well Done so Happy for you !!!!!!!! It's an amazing feeling isn't it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Winning a losing battle!
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That's fantastic, well done! Hope you spend the rest of the day shouting it from the roof tops!


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Well done!!! It's so inspiring to hear people reach their target. Enjoy every minute.


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Woo Hoo!!!!! Well done you, that is amazing!


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well done. thats fab!!!
cant wait till i get there... hopefully wont be too long!! :)

Mrs Taurus

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Lovely news for a cold Monday morning , well done ! x


hoping for a good loss
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well done you, thats amazing.

Bet you are over the moon


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Well done, thats fab news.... you must be feeling on top of the world.


Nicki xxx
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thanks guys I am soooo happy I feel a new found confidence :) :) although would now like to lose some more lol but just going to be calorie counting x


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MoleyMole --

Congrats for a job well done (and it is Hard Work, ain't it). I can't wait to start my own "at goal" thread... but it'll be a while, yet.

Calorie Counting is a good plan to stay at goal or lose a bit more. It'll help you learn how to manage food. I needed to leran that and didn't so I'm back.

You are inspriational! Yeah You!!!



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Well done!! u must be on top of the world :) xx