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Goal Weight?

Hey - just a quick question...
Ive been thinking about what my actual goal is going to be when in comes to my weight loss and in all honesty i REALLY want to slim right down to being very slim.

Now please dont worry, we are not talking sceletal here, still within healthy bmi for my height - just at the lower end rather than just with in the healthy range.

I am 6ft tall and currently weighed 18 10 at first weigh in (last week).

I thinking of setting my ultimate goal weight at 11 stone which would give me a bmi of 20.5.

Will this be allowed/discouaged/encouraged at my LL sessions?

Anyone out there my height and whats ur goal?

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Hello Opal-Mai,
I'm not quite your height, I am 5'8" tall. I started LL weighing 19s 1lb, and currently weigh 17s 10lbs. Initially I wanted to get to a BMI of around 23.5/24 but have rethought this to a BMI of 22.4 which would be 10 1/2 stone at my height. My thinking is that I'd rather be a lower BMI at target and then even if the unthinkable happened and I put on a few pounds I would still be within a healthy BMI. Obviously I would still try and lose those extra pounds again... I just think aiming for a lower BMI gives you a bit more leeway in the long run. I know not everyone aims for such a low BMI though, I know people who are aiming for BMI's of 25/26...
That seems low for 6 feet tall - but it may suit you.

I am 5'6 - started out at 20 stone and set my goal for 10 stone which was in the mid range of BMI health. About 2 months ago I changed it to 10.5 stone. I am now at 11 stone 3, and I am getting pretty bony, so feel 10 stone really was going to be too small for me. So I am now going to start RTM and hope to drop half a stone there and then will decide about the other half.....I am pretty content where I am now, so its a win win situation.

I reccomend setting goals is good - but change it as you approach it if it feels necessary.

You are to please yourself - LL would allow you to get to the goal of your choice I believe as long as it is safe.

All best wishes Mrs! :D

I think it really depends on your body shape and frame. One person at 6ft might sit comfortably at 11st, while another might look too thin. I think as you get smaller, you will get to a point where you feel comfortable in your new clothes and will find the point where you can maintain.

I'm 5'10" and used to weigh 9.5st which was far too light for my frame and I just ended up looking brittle and worrying all the time as my body really wanted to gain about a stone. This time around I'm aiming for 10.5-11st as I think this will look much more healthy and will be easier to maintain. Trust your body. It will tell you what it right when you get there.


One day at a time
I agree with you surreyslimmer,

Do the frame test. Wrap your thumb and ring finger around your wrist. If they overlap you are small framed, if they just touch, medium, and if they do not touch at all, large frame.

When doing LL before i got down to the lower scale of bmi, but was unable to maintain at that weight, and felt a failure. I'm 5'5" and got down to 9 1/2 stone. When I recently looked up ideal weight ranges, for a large frame it's 10.8 - 11.8 - no wonder i struggled, felt i'd failed - hence back on it now, albiet a pregnancy in between too :)

So, my target is going to be 10 1/2 stone this time, which gives me a bmi of 24.5. I have also taken into account im 40, and dont have the time to spend down the gym to help me keep it off.

Be realistic, its very tempting to go lower, but think about what your lifestyle will be like after you have finished rtm.

So, my target is going to be 10 1/2 stone this time, which gives me a bmi of 24.5. I have also taken into account im 40, and dont have the time to spend down the gym to help me keep it off.

Be realistic, its very tempting to go lower, but think about what your lifestyle will be like after you have finished rtm.
Exactly right - very much mysame reasons Lumpy.

WHen I set my sights on 10 stone initially, that was also the last know weight I can remember on my way up, and thats when my ex-hubby said some horrible things to me which strarted the downhill spiral....so I wanted to get there, even if just for one day, to put my two fingers up to him. lol But I knew I would not be able to maintain that weight without regular gym routines and being a slave to it. Which is not what I am after at this stage of my life. I want a weight that I can maintain with some effort and some natural ability. A good balance.

As said - your body does tell you when and where it wants to be. :)
I am 15st, and the llc said she will get me to 10st to see how i feel and look first and go from there, which i think is a wise decision, but i want to get to 9st, or 8.5 so i lose my big thighs,lol.
Thank you for all your replies guys.
I think you right about saying to wait and see how I feel. I dont want to look like a string bean! But I would love to be able to see how it feels to be really slim. I'm just gunna take it week by week and see how I turn out!!!
Apart from all that, I actually like having curves!
Me too. So does my hubby. He warned me at the beginning he would be upset if I got bony thing. I laughed and told him, no matter what, I will always be build for comfort, not speed. There are some curvy bits ya just can't do without !! ;) :D
My hubby said dont lose too much, he still wants to cuddle me..lol, he likes curvy, with bum n boobs, mind u so do most men realisticly
We all should have a weight we are all happy and comfortable with, and look stunning
I am going for the top end of my BMI which will take me to a 5 stone loss. It would be nice to lose another 7lbs or so, but if I don't I will be happy with that and my body will settle at whatever is right for me! I am "big-boned"...and I curse South Park for the attention they gave that term. I think it's more than realistic for me to be that end of my BMI. If I was 23 or below I think I'd look ill and I love my hourglass figure and proper curves!! And 12/14 and like BL, the occasional 10 is all I ever hoped to be! x
I gotta say that whilst goal setting my BMI was never really an issue. I opted for 10 and a half stone because I feel that will be right for me, that takes me down to a 27 BMI, still overweight but as I've lost weight, I'm not even sure I want to go that low! I guess it's about how I look and feel. It is good to set goals but don't be afraid to change them. This is all about how you feel :D

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