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Yay me! Weighed myself this morning and was 11 stone exactly which gives me a total loss of 5 stone 1 pound! My weekly losses were never huge so it's taken a little longer than I would have initially liked but now that I'm here hey, who cares how long it took.
Will be starting on 810 on Saturday and was originally dreading the thought of a bit of dried chicken and a few bits of broccolli, but after checking out some the the recipes posted on here I'm really rather looking forward to it.
Best of luck to all you lovely losers and don't be disheartened if your losses aren't spectacular each week, if you stick with it you'll get there in the end. xx
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can see the end in sight!
that really is amazing, well done! you are an inspiration, especially if you say your weekly losses haven't been massive, mine have been small the last few weeks but seeing your message really brought it home that if i stick with it, i can be 12 stone by September, it really is do-able!

congrats again!
Well done you. I can't wait to get to goal. Seems so far away. And I've basically been faffing for five years!!! But think this forum is going to help massively.
Well done, that's great! It doesn't matter how long you took - you got to your goal. That's a huge amount to lose, have about the same to lose myself. Good luck on 810 sure you'll get on fine. Bet you can't wait for food now!


Trying very hard!
Congratulations! Thats fab, you must feel so great about yourself!!!

Can I be really rude and ask you what sort of dress size you are now? The reason I ask is I am about the same height as you and have had a goal of 12 stone, I just wondered what sort of dress size that might work out to in the end.
wow! go girl well done lard arse no more ha x


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Hey you, congratualtions on getting to goal, we will all be as slim as Em one day...


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Yaaay, well done!! Good luck on your route to maintenance hon!
wow well done!!
Thanks for all your lovely messages guys, it does feel great. You all know CD is no walk in the park but it is soooooo worth it.

eyesontheprize: If you take away the odd week where I had planned cheats my average weekly loss still only works out at less than 3 lbs per week, so below average. I had weeks when I only lost 1 lbs and the most I ever lost in one week (excluding the first) was 4 lbs. It has taken a long time and I’ve been frustrated over 1lb losses but what was the alternative? Your goal is totally do-able by September.

louiser: I'm a pear shape (dreaded saddlebags) so I'm a 12 on top and a 14/16 on the bottom still. My fitted skirts are 14's but I'm not totally comfortable in a 14 trouser/jean yet although my 16's are all too big. I guess that makes me a 15 bottom!?!?!

beccabug: I'm not far off Emma you know (on top anyway). We measured our waists at mums the other weekend and I was only 1.5 inches bigger than her, how cool is that! Well done on getting half a stone back off in 2 weeks, you’ll be back at target in no time.

Thanks again, well done on all your losses so far and best of luck with your journeys. xx

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