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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by moggy, 15 May 2009 Social URL.

  1. moggy

    moggy Full Member

    Hi all,

    Got weighed today and I am 13 stone 1lb! I started at 15 stone 5 weeks ago. Can't wait to break the 12's. I have 4 weeks and a half until I stop the diet for my holiday. I so want to get to 12 stone or less before then. I am on sole source plus but I usually only have 2 tetras or less and my small meal. I have started jogging and walking (mainly walking fast) 3 miles as much as possible. Do you think my goal of being under 12 stone is possible in that timescale and do you find that exercise speeds it up? X
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  3. miss_mallow

    miss_mallow Banned

    would be very interested if someone has a good answer to this question.
    Excellent weight loss in 5 weeks!!
    Im going on hols in 13 weeks, I have 5 stone to lose and would like to have 3 off by then ( long shot i know)
    But if I thought exercise would speed up my losses then i would definitely start, im only on day 3 though and I think You have to be on the diet for a certain length of time before exercise is recommended. Maybe im wrong though?

    good luck anyway!! x
  4. moggy

    moggy Full Member

    I think that you can definately loose 3 stone in that timescale. Your right about the exercise. They advise you not to do any new strenuous exercise routines in the first few weeks. They recommend walking, swimming once the diet is well established but if you always go to the gym before you start the diet you can continue (although how likely is it that someone starting this diet would be a gym bunny!).
  5. miss_mallow

    miss_mallow Banned

    lol, never been to a gym in my life! ( not proud of it either)
    seriously though i've never really exercised, apart from for about 2 weeks in the year when I take a notion, but i soon get bored.
    I've decided to start exercising as soon as i lose my first stone. Then add a little more for every stone i lose.
    I want cd to work for me now more than anything so I know i won't give up easily.
    Hopefully someone will be along soon enough to answer your question better than i did lol x
  6. fatpossum

    fatpossum Silver Member

    If you stick to the diet a stone a month is a fairly realistic expectation.

    Exercise will assist but depending upon what you do if you build muscle (which is both likely and beneficial) that will weigh more than fat so it may seem as though your weight loss has slowed - that's why its a good idea to keep an eye on your measurments too.

    Good luck!!
  7. Purplepixie

    Purplepixie Full Member

    Even on SS+ it is important to have all three packs because otherwise you may not be getting 100% of the recomended amount of minerals and vitamins. You could also end up burning lean muscle and not fat.

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