god im sooooo down !!


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afternoon all,
i've not been on here in a while due to work commitments etc so while i have a rare day off i thought i would come and catch up with you all. at my last weigh in i had lost a total of 5st 3lb and it has taken me 10 weeks, i think im about a stone away from being my optimum weight which at the rate i've been losing it should only take a couple of weeks to get my goal. just recently though i've started to feel so so down about the whole not eating situation, it's never bothered me before not even at the begining but recently it's been driving me mad. i cant seem to take my mind away from food all of the time and im so annoyed at myself because im so close to my goal. my moods are up and down all of the time and im being a right miserable ass which is totally not like me. i really dont think these cold days and it getting dark so early are helping. has anybody else gone so long before they started wobbling?.

sorry for whinging guys and i hope you are all doing well.
lee x

btw i'll update my sig when i can be bothered lol
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well done on the amazing loss so far! :)

You might find that, as you're so close to your goal, subconciously you know you are going to be eating again soon, and so these thoughts make their way into your head.
Also, if you've only got very little fat left to burn compared to when you started, it might also be your body trying to tell you that it can't go much longer without food.
the cold&dark don't help either - at this time of year, the body probably wants a bit of fat on it - insulation from the cold, additional energy needed to keep the body warm etc.

hope you manage to make the last few weeks, you've done so well so far! :)


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ye you could be right mate thanks. it's a weird one really though cos i feel hungry a lot but when i think about eating it really scares me for some reason lol.

thanks for the suport mate

Percy greenfingers

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Your doing so well, congratulations and in such a short time. I've been going since the begining of August and ever since I started on CD allowed myself one day off a week, it's the only way I can cope. The weight loss is slower but it suits my life style..You have managed so far, so try not to even think about food yet.
soups are really good when it's cold and black coffee is always a life saver...
Keep going another couple of weeks and introduce food in the right order at the end...
The most important thing you can do for yourself is hit your target,, don't miss it, the feeling will be amazing.
Good luck


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thanks mate thats just the 'pick-up' that i needed to hear. well done on your losses too they are inspiring. i wish i had the will power to do it how you do but i think if i ate there would be no stopping me lol.

thanks mate


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never took ahead when your goal is near, look back and see how well and how far you have done.
the next few weeks concentrate on that slap up meal you are going to treat yourself to as a reward.


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chin up girl! I went through the exact same at about 10 weeks. Lasted a whole week and I found it totally depressing as I'd been feeling so great up til then.
This may sound a bit airy fairy but I came up with the following reasoning and it helped me: the last fat we loose is the oldest fat. In my case the oldest fat was stored through overeating in some of the darkest periods in my life. So, as that oldest fat was being burned off with LT I imagined that I was finally releasing myself of the old pain. And that my mind felt a bit poisoned as it was being flushed out of my system was perhaps due to the fact that it was almost an echo of the old experiences. It only lasted a a week with me and I felt great for the last two weeks on LT.
Am refeeding for one week now and due for weigh-in later (scary!). I'm not skinny by anyone's imagination (13stone, but I'm tall 5'8.5'') but I feel very pleased with my new body, very me.
Hope this helps and if not, that someone else's comments do!
Good luck and hang on in there!