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God this is so hard!!!

Day 3 and desperate to eat-you'd think it would be easier doing this for the second time but it isn't!I'm having an extra pack today-simply because if I don't I will go mad and eat god knows what...why am I finding it so difficult this time round??
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Hmmm, many say the first time is the golden time, but there are many restarters this year taking it by storm.

I think its becuase we get more and more impatient and want/need to see the weight loss more and more.

At least having an extra pack is the right way forward, make sure you chug that water too, think positivley too, you are on day 3 and then it will be day four, you will be in the pink very soon and sail from there x
oopps...just come back to edit as asked how much to lose and just checked out tracker, sorry missed it first time!x

hey polish rose

im on day 3 too and having same thoughts as you. Im a seriously serial restarter...on restart about number 6 id say! Im coping by having 2 or 3 bars a day and i have to say a sneaky vodka tonight.

good luck, almost day 4..im avoiding scales til ive done almost a week me thinks otherwise seeing the damage i did in just 2 weeks of carbing it may tip me over the edge!

How much are you aiming to lose. Im going for about 21lbs i reckon. Never got down to my ultimate target of 10st...wonder if i can do it this time..just over a year since starting at 15st 7...we must remember how far we have come rather than focussing on how far we think we have to go!

Hugs, chin up!

Well you'll be happy to know I resisted and went to bed having drunk loads and loads of water.I still want to eat today but it's not too bad during the day.It's evenings that are hardest for me.When the kids are in bed and bf is at work, I just want to eat.
I want to lose enough to get to a size 12, whatever that weight is.I don't want to be skinny-just a normal healthy weight.I want my blood pressure to be normal.I want to enjoy the summer and not dread it.I started LL at 22 st 9 and got down to 16-6, and then regained,so my first goal is to get to 16-6.


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i get thru by having one of my packs as porridge. so so filling. im an evening picker as well and on yet another restart :rolleyes: (day 3 as well) but the porridge is keeping me on the wagon :D
I'm a restaerter too - day 4 in ketosis and feeling great today. The urge to eat comes on me without warning sometimes .... like earlier when I went to the fridge, but at the moment I'm trying to remind myself I want to be slim ( a size 12 too) more than i want to eat.

Good luck. Come on here and post in the evening instead.


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300ml of hot water, belnded with a pack (any shake flavour u fancy) and pour into a bowl. add 2 tablespoons (heaped) of loose psyillium husks and stir for a few minutes til its really thick and porridgy.

if i want it sweet, i add a tablet sweetner and stir before i put pack in.

u can add something like ground cinnamon as well. lovely with vanilla or banana mmmmmmm


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its debbies recipe (russiandoll)

anyone seen her lately???


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helps the bowels AND makes nice porridge lol
I get mine from Holland and Barrat - health food shop. They nicely call them "Colon Care"!!!! You can buy them in powder or capsule format - powder works out about £11 for 340g which lasts ages.

It is cheaper online - but obviously you'd need a credit or debit card.


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ahhhh "colon care". how very cilivised lol.

u need the powder one for thickening packs. the 300g would last ages...know it sounds a lot of dosh but will last ages. i stupidly bought 5 boxes online. will need to be SSing for about 40 years to use them all lol.

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