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Going back to Gym


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In about October last year I joined my local Curves and really enjoyed going. In my first month I only lost 4lbs, but I was still eating very badly so I was actually quite pleased with that. My next weigh-in was just before Christmas and I had put the 4lbs back on. I wasn't particularly upset about it and just resolved to keep at it. Then when I was in the changing room I overheard the people who work there sitting at the front desk discussing my weight gain. I was so embarrassed and felt really upset that they were talking about me thinking I couldn't hear them. To be fair, they didn't say anything especially bad but it still bothered me.

Then they were closed over Christmas and I didn't go in January due to all the snow and various other things and then it's just been one thing after another. I went again in March and wanted to start going regularly again, but it just wasn't the same after the previous incident. I really do need to go back, but now I'm really embarrassed by the time I've been away and feel like they'll be judging.

WWYD? I was thinking of having a word with the girl I heard speaking about me - to clear the air. I'm sure she didn't mean to be upsetting, buy I do think that if you're going to talk about someone like that then maybe do it in the office!
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How unproffessional - that is disgraceful.
I would be tempted to either speak to them directly or write a letter explaining about how you feel and asking for assurances that it won't happen again.
If it was me, I'd complain very strongly and would not go back again as it shows a complete lack of disrespect.
Well done you for keeping your resolve to get fit and healthy. xx


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I would write a letter to the manager and complain. This shows a shocking lack of professionalism! If you have a contract I would push for them to cancel it , or extend it if you feel you can face going back and demand an apology! But then that's me!


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Urgh, I would be complaining as it is hard enough getting your head round things without having your confidence knocked

VERY unprofessional indeed :-(

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I'd do as Judimac said and make them cancel the contract then you're free to join a gym with nice people! Failing that and if you feel you want to stay there then I'd ask them to refund the months you haven't been going. Tell them how badly it put you off returning and that you shouldn't have to pay because you couldn't face the receptionists. Good luck:)

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Agree with the above unprofessional female dogs (as another miniminer put it - can't remember who)

Speak to the Manager or send a letter of complaint

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