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Going for a jog....???

I have been craving getting out for a lil jog a couple of times a week for the last two weeks but have not done so. Before I started LL I was a fit person who liked to exercise - not excessively but enough to maintain a steady level of fitness.

This morning I left my house and as I was locking the door I could hear my bus, it is about a 2-3 minute walk to the bus stop - I ran and I loved it!

Do you think, if I am packed up (lol) and well hydrated I can start a steady jog 3 times a week?

I will check with my LLC tomorrow, just curious what people think here.

Kat xx
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I used to run three times a week for half and hour when I was on abstinence. The other days I did pilates of weights. The idea of just stopping exercise while I lost weight didn't sit well with me as I'm a very active person most of the time.

I was a bit light headed to start with a did slow down from my normal pace but I'm really glad I kept up the exercise as it means I didn't lose too much fitness when I started eating again.

Good luck with your running if you choose to do it but just take it really steady for the first few sessions. You'll be flying along with less weight to carry!!


Is back in the saddle!
I can't see why not. You're sensible enough to listen to your body and you've been on abstinance long enough to be balanced. Take it one step (ha ha) at a time and give it a go!!
No reason why not Kat. Just listen to your body.

I'm entered in a 5k this weekend with two of my kids :eek: to raise money for their brownies and for Marie Curie.

Hill walking and swimming, as in proper swim training schedules, is more my bag for exercise. I have never been interested in running (have big boobs and bad knees from my rugby playing days :eek:). However, the kids are pretty fit as we are all quite active, just not done any jogging/running training so its definitely more of a 'fun' run than anything. I'll be interested to see how we go.
I started abstinence on 4th June and on 21st I did the 10K Race for Life - I ran most of it but it really affected me badly! Was a foolish thing to do! But I am in no way planning to do anything like that!

I do use my exercise bike 3 times a week but not for a huge amount of time. I am going to start my jogging :)

Kat xx
it feels great, doesn't it! Thoguh I am far from a marathoin, but it feels very freeing to do it.

The first time I did, I was on the beach - looked around to make sure no one was watching, and I "Ran like Phoebe" - from Friends. :giggle: :D

Just pay attention how you feel, you should be fine. Just not too much, or it will slow down your losses in panic. ;)
You should be fine with jogging Kat. I got to the gym 4-6 times a week and feel great about it!

Just listen to your body; if it tells you to stop, then stop. And take it easy, especially for the first week or two, after all you are adding another unusual strain to your body along with LL, so give it a chance to adapt.

And Enjoy! :)
Thats great BL lol!!!!!
What about the walk / jog to start with Kat?

If you were active before, you should enjoy it.
I still swim 2 or 3 times a week, just don't swim as fast until I know I'm ok. And I am even popping in the gym on my way to swim to do my ab crunches and bike warm up. :)

I was swimming for quite a while before LL, and I walk a lot with my dog, so I didn't want to give it up. I feel ok. xx :)


Is back in the saddle!
Well, fancy Ken suggesting you might have fun any other way than running like Pheobe!!;):D
Thanks everyone and Jez! I walk 2 miles to work and back several times a week so don't need to try the walk/run thing. Also ride my exercise bike 3 times a week, so gonna jump right on in and run :)

Kat xx


Gotta Make A Change
I spoke to my LLC tonight about jogging. Because I have not fainted again or had bad dizzy spells for several weeks now, she is happy for me to do so as long as I have had a pack first and drank water. :)

I need a sports bra! My old one is like a sack on me! lol

"keep on running"

Kat xx