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Going it alone & Re-feeding

Hello there, I'm new here.
I don't want to write a novel, but here's a quick into. Two years ago I lost just over four stone on the Cambridge. This lasted a while and then I slipped back into old habits and by this Feb, I was back in my fat clothes and more worryingly, they were starting to feel very tight.

I had made a failed attempt at the diet last year and my other half and her mother had also. Between us, we had enough packs and bars for six weeks on the diet. I had a six week break from work, so decided to get on with it.

I had a couple of blips early on, but stuck at it for five weeks and lost just over 2 stone. For the last week before I go back to work, I've decided to have three packs a day and one protein meal as in Sole Source Plus.

I have two questions at this point.

Firstly, I'm looking for help on how to feed myself when I get back to work at the end of the week. I'm going to be working away from home (mostly in the states) for long periods, staying in hotels and eating out or at work.
My plan was to look for over-the-counter meal replacements that I could use for two or three meals and then have sensible protein-based meals for one or two meals. Can anyone recommend either meal replacements or information and advice on how to feed myself back in the real world of making my own decisions?

The second thing I'm writing about, is that I'm four days into my 'one protein meal a day' (fish or chicken, oven cooked in foil with salad / green beans or spinnach). I had expected to feel good because I was having real food, but the last couple of days, I've felt very lethargic, extremely grumpy and just generally 'down'. I recognised this as diet-related, because I felt exactly like this four days into trying to get into ketosis. Can anyone help explain what's going on? Or better still, can anyone give me guidance on how to avoid the mood swings?

Anyway, thanks for reading and sorry for the long post...
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Hi, when you ask about feeding yourself when you get back are you saying that you can't carry on with Cambridge?


Stubborn tortoise
Mmmm, just echoing Watergirl's question also. I have a pretty full-on job and in Feb had to work away for two week-long stretches. I switched up to 810 and found that gave me the extra flexibiity I needed. Tended to have a protein brekky (poached egg, not strictly allowed but I am veggie & meat was not an option) then a CD bar for lunch and a shake for tea in my hotel. I got one of those little cappucinno battery whisks to make it with. If I had to have a meal out with colleagues I switched around & had a shake for brekky & made best food choices I could for the meal. This worked for me and kept me on track.

I am about to go overseas for a 3 week stint, this time to countries where CD cannot be imported, (Aus, NZ, Singapore) but I think you can take CD into USA. A minis friend did just that a couple of weeks ago. I'd try to stay on CD... and step to 810.

I wasn't planning on taking more than a few Cambridge packs with me. Firstly, I don't have many left and secondly, luggage weight is an issue (and that's before we get into trying to get a bunch of white powder past homeland security).

Is 810 sole source plus? I'm not yet au fait with all the terms!


Stubborn tortoise
No, 810 is 3 packs a day plus a green/white meal (but more quantity/cals that ss+) that take cals up to 810. You can take CD products in to USA... I know several people who have done so with no problem. To be honest, they don't take up much space... as a female travelling with hairdryers/travel iron/make up/toiletries/books/laptop/shoes & clothes for work... well, if I still managed with one medium size wheely suitcase, you can do it!

Do you not want to get more packs? I think with CD it is a carefully planned system & the refeed steps are so important to follow. People come so unstuck when they try to do their own versions... I am not as far 'up the steps' as I'd like to be for going overseas next week, but still, glad I have at least got some of the way... it does depend though whether you plan to lose weight with CD & maintain, or try a different route. It's just that from what you say, stopping CD & hoping for best didn't work last time... this time maybe best to get it right?


I think the reason why you feel lethargic, extremely grumpy is that you are still going into Ketosis, it not until you are fully in it when you start feeling better.
Agree with Katy. Cambridge isn't really something you can pick up and put down sadly. Most people find that they struggle and the reason that the diet works so well is that it gives you such structure.

If you find that you lose well by cutting carbs generally then consider the Atkins or something similar maybe?

You will possibly still experience lethargy and mood swings on CD. Not everyone feels full of energy when they're in ketosis. I have weeks where I do and then weeks where I am knackered and could happily murder everyone who comes into contact with me!

However, the pros outweigh the cons. If you can think 'yes I'll be a bit grumpy and tired but I am still making the decision to do this' then stick with Cambridge. If not, then you might struggle with commitment when you go through hard times and perhaps it's not the diet for you.

Which is fine! There are plenty of others out there. Have a look through the forum and see if you can find one that fits in with what you need right now and good luck with whatever you decide.

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