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going it alone

I am giving up pro points and going back to discover so I don't want to spent £20 per month just to get weighed. But I dont' want to slip back either. How do all of you manage to stay on plan without going to a meeting. I have all my discover materials and loads of cookbooks and recipes so that is not a problem.
I need some support on this - should I do it ?
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I am doing exactly the same and I am thinking about giving up the meetings as I am paying £24 a month to just stand on a set of scales even though I have some weight Watchers precision scales myself witch I paid £40 for!! So I know where your coming from, I think it is possible as not everyone goes to meetings to lose weight but the only reason why I would go is because it keeps me focused more, so yeah deffo give it a go and see how you get on :)
Thanks Anthony I am going to and am going to put the money towards my new clothes fund instead good luck to you too
I've been doing it at home from the start!! yes i have bad days and sometimes weeks but im on track and i've lost a fair bit so it can be done!! PLUS you get us guys here for support!! :D
We are all nice people :) (hopefully) As we are all going through the same so we all know sorta how each other is feeling when we have good and bad days, !!


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I spend 50p a week at Boots and use their accurate weighing scales. Of course, I have my own (albeit more unreliable) scales at home for day to day tracking, but I only count my 'official' weigh ins at the chemist.

There's something about going out to be weighed that I really enjoy and look forward to. This kind of spurs me on!
ive been doing it alone from the start!! i just weigh in every friday at home, on the same spot naked lol nice image eh?? lol

great support on here, couldnt have gotten this far with out everyone here xx
I think I'm going to cancel my ww aswell.... I do enjoy having a laff with the group but it's not worth paying £20 a month for. Boots here I come....
Yeah I want to go it alone but I not sure if I would be able to as I love the meeting and my leader is blooming lovely and amazing!!!!!!! But I dont stay for the talks so I just get weighed, which paying £24 a month for I dont think it is worth it !! Oh the decisions,
My dilemma is that I go with a friend and I feel I'm letting her down.... Even tho she's come back to discovery after a rubbish few weeks on pp. My leader doesn't like that I'm doing the old plan so I doubt she'll miss me.....lol


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I have truly found that registering on here, with like-minded people willing me on has been so much more help than any meeting I've attended where the same excuses crop up week-in, week-out!!
Hbb that's what I feel.... I'm sure they have a tick list if things to blame gains on without actually helping to find the real problems for ya.....Iove this site...xx
Yeah this site is great and helped me LOADS to stay on track and somewhere I can vent my problems and fustration! And I am sorry to hear that your leader does not like you being back on the old plan :( bit naughty of her


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My dilemma is that I go with a friend and I feel I'm letting her down.... Even tho she's come back to discovery after a rubbish few weeks on pp. My leader doesn't like that I'm doing the old plan so I doubt she'll miss me.....lol
You're paying good money to go to the meetings.
She may not have to like it, but she should show as much support and guidance as she can. After all, the discovery plan should be well and truly in her veins!
Hi vijch50, I only started 2 weeks ago, but I use my WiiFit to weigh myself 'officially' once a week and I keep a record of everything I consume on a spreadsheet, keeping a list of regular recipes. Each day I find it a bit easier to recall the points values of things.. I'm hoping over time it will become second nature!

Good luck! The people here are really supportive and responsive :)
i go to meetings but i find she says the same thing every blooming week,,exciting i suppose if it your first time,,but i still need the structure of going every thur being weighed,,stay for meeting and home to text everyone my loss lol,,this week killing me as last wi was thur until jan 6th:(
I don't go to be weighed at WW but am following the PP plan with a calculator I bought from eBay and a list I pritnted out from Daily Mail article. I use my wii to weigh myself and once a week, every tuesday, record my weight.
I also spoke to my gp who prescribed me Xenciala nd she weighs me every so often and that really helps me keep on track, though I am doing so well she said i dont need to be weighed until the end of March!
This site has been the most helpful place for me and so many people are in the same situation.


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