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going it alone????

I'm going it alone also! I joined about a year ago online & paid a fortune for all the stuff, but I gave up so so easily after a few months.

Now I'm back & more determined than ever with my wedding approaching (october!) so I have all the stuff here.

Good luck with your slimming journey.


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serialcambridger said:
Have been searching the forum loads and i get the concept.

Online is quite expensive to pay upfront and classes going to be difficult to get to.

An i being a bit naive thinking i could buy the books off ebay and then then do it myself with the help of minimims.

any words of wisdom :)
I looked on eBay for books and it seems that people pay more for even the starter pack which is with the first class when you join
even if you went to class once when theyhave a no joining fee special offer on and just pay for that class it would probably be cheaper and more up to date than what you get second hand...but I really think that slimming prices for recipe books are better than other slimming group prices ( i'm not on commision honest lol) be careful you don't pay over the odds on eBay I've seen it happen again and again


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I have been to the classes for a few weeks now and I don't feel im 'fitting in' with the group so I will be going it alone too.

If I could afford to get the books I would go to class and buy them rather than e-bay as they will be the most up-to date and probably cheaper - bidding on e-bay the prices go really high for sw stuff!!

This site is great. Its a shame the online sw do not have a forum as I find you need some support from fellow members, I would not pay the huge amount online when all it really is is a syn calculator - shame really!


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my goodness the packs are expensive on ebay what a rip off

Is the syns calculator really worth getting online access for, or is online really worth going for?
I like online for the recipes/food diary. I do go to classes as well but tend not to buy books, they go out of date so quickly and most of the recipes are available online.
Whatever you decide to do - GOOD LUCK! :)
Im doing it alone aswell, just be firm with yourself, im in week three and have my hols in 7wks and so its keeping me on track, good luck x


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so if you go to classes you get the same online access as joining 'online' ?
I believe this is correct yes. On the SW website they do advertise going to classes as their most value for money option. TBH I don't use online greatly, but it is handy when you want to check the odd syn value or get some recipie ideas. Having said that, I think most of the information could probably be found on here as well. :rolleyes:

I had been going it alone but have gone back to class for the last two weeks and I have found it has helped greatly with my motivation - It has kept me on track the last two weekends, they always used to be when I went AWOL. I think if you know you have the motivation though, you can do well on your own. I'd recommend going for the first week to get the books though at least, which will also allow you onto the website for that week too so you can see if it would be much use to you.


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am tempted to just join up and get the books, feel a bit cheeky though.
That's exactly what I did :)

I don't feel cheeky about it, because I've paid for the bits which I wanted (the books). The rest of the hard work is going to be all my own - why should I have to pay for that too? ;)
When i did SW before i joined up and went for a month. It was 10 miles away which was a pain, i didn't fit in with what i thought was a very cliquey group and i also thought it odd that the leader looked to be heavier than i was (and i was 18 stone) not to mention that the 4 times i went she probably only spoke 10 words to me.
I stuck with it at home (for a while!) but there is now a group 5 minutes up the road with a different leader so i'm joining up there on thursday night.
SW must be aware people join up just for the initial materials. Totally agree with Bench, you're doing the hard work after all! :)


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I'd def go to class and get the books and you will get online access for a couple of weeks after too.

I wouldn't join the online sw as it just doesnt seem worth the money. You can get syn values from here and thats what I plan to do. I've gone through the contents in my cupboard and marked their syn value as my online access will go soon as I haven't been to class for 2 weeks now!

If you have the motivation then im sure you will do fine - and its def not cheeky to go to class once, you are still paying £10 for the books :)
I have been doing it alone for almost a year, I am hoping to have lost 6 stone within the year which I am very happy with. I find this site invaluable plus I buy the mags for recipes
Wow, that's amazing well done, think you deserve extra special recognition for going it alone!! I've only been on this site for 2 days and I already agree that it is invaluable, already learnt loads of new recipes and had a few ideas for quick and easy stuff for work. Thanks everyone and well done welshcake!! :)
i joined online i actually prefer it! i don't have the time to go to class, plus i like to weigh in the comfort of my own home. i got mine using a discount code its £45 for 3 months.
minis is fantastic but i do find it a bit unfair that those that don't pay ask for syn values then someone that does pay looks for them!


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i joined online i actually prefer it! i don't have the time to go to class, plus i like to weigh in the comfort of my own home. i got mine using a discount code its £45 for 3 months.
minis is fantastic but i do find it a bit unfair that those that don't pay ask for syn values then someone that does pay looks for them!
That is the nature of the 'net, I personally don't ask they syn value of anything if its not in my book I use the 20 cals per syn rule (works for me as I very rarely use syns apart from on voddie:)) on the other hand I have given away new with tags on clothing on this site which I could easily have sold - a little kindness makes the world go round :)
I do it at home on my own too, my mum goes to a class and updates me with any new info. (my mum is semi retiered, therefore has the time and money to go) I work part time, have a husband and toddler and study part time at college so time and pennies are very precious to me. Sob story over - I love SW and feel more motivated now than I ever have. Keep going all of you AT HOME BUDDIES HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!!! XXX

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