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Going off flavours?

Hey everyone, hope you are all having a good day today!

Just wondered whether anyone had found as they get further into the diet they have gone off loads of the flavours?

I'm not a fussy person at all (will eat nearly everything, probably why I need to diet lol), and I started having soup for lunch and different flavour shake each night for dinner, and porridge at some point during the day.

I'm now on week 5, and can't stand any of the soups anymore, eat the porridge but don't really enjoy it, and I'm down to only eating peanut bars, chocolate + choc mint shakes, and the occasional vanilla.

Just wondered whether anyone else had experienced this? Its so unlike me as I usually like everything!
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Yep, I'm exactly the same. Went off the soups within a week, I just about tolerate the porridges now (with cinnamon and nutmeg added) and only really enjoy the choc mint and choc orange shakes. I think it's only natural when you have something for so long that you lose interest in it. Maybe in a few weeks I'll have a renewed taste for them all lol xx
Never though of it that way, I guess even if we were having food you'd get bored very quickly if you were having the same thing 3 times a day!

Hopefully will start liking some other ones again soon. Although I'm happy at the moment with my choc shake with lots of coffee added. yuuummmm!


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Hi Liz,

I'm on LL but I am the same. I have porridge for breakfast, chicken soup for lunch then a vanilla shake and peanut bar for tea. I must admit I am getting a bit bored with those flavours now so am gonna start having some different soups and bars to spice things up a bit.

Good luck with your journey x


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I'm the same....there were flavours i liked, and now i have had to trade them in for good old chicken and mushroom!
I used to really like the porridge, but now i cant stand it!!!! eugh!



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Aren't we funny - human nature I guess! :) I haven't really changed my mind on the flavours, but I have admitted to myself that I never really liked Spicy Tomato in the first place and that I was only pretending that I did! :D

I adore the porridge and plan to eat it for ever more - honest! I shan't be sorry to kiss good-bye to the shakes and soups though, when this is eventually all over.

(PS. I don't think this works in reverse - I hated the Tetras on Day 1, and think I would probably hate them even more now, lol!
I liked quite a few the first week I started, although I dont like nuts of any kind, so didn't like any of the nut related ones... after week 3 I gave up everything but the chocolate shakes so now I have a choc mint, choc orange and normal choc shake a day.... will really miss chocolate once I finish the diet and start eating normal food, although I never liked chocolate before I started the diet, I would rather have had a bag of crisps than a chocolate bar... lol


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Same here, I took soup at the start but don't think i ever enjoyed it and by week 3 I'd gone completely off the porridges. Think I'll be sticking to mainly choc & choc mint shakes and bars next WI with a few strawberry, banana and vanilla ones for some variety.


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The only three soups I like are vegetable, oriental chilli and chicken and mushroom. Recently, I have been unable to swallow them so I am practically living on the shakes now, with maybe a tetra or two thrown in. Previously on CD I couldn't stand tetras!!.

I cannot even stomach the porridge. I used to like it but now I can't even look at it. Funny how our tastes change.


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The only soup I have is oriental chilli, used to have leek and potato, mushroom, chicken and mushroom, went off them completely, they made me heave after a while.

I have most of the shakes, can't bear tetras, never could and am still loving porridge, but see how long that lasts LOL
Lol, so I guess I'm not weird and this is a pretty common occurence!

Aren't we strange creatures? lol
I'm the same, mostly choc-mint shakes & peanut bars but i do have some apple & cinammon porridge and caramel bars

I used to crave savoury, but now I just don't feel like the soups anymore.
I went off banana big time which was my favourite shake.
But I went ON soups, and love chicken n mush, mush and leek and potato...
I only like the cranberry bars, hate the orange one...
I do keep trying diff flavours though just pout of interest but had to throw out a spicy tomato one recently as my taste certainly hadnt changed on that one... yuckydo!

There are some flavours I chose over others now allthough there are none I can say I gag over. I really don't like most of the soups and the banananananana flavour shake is horrendous.


Skinny girl in a fat body
if you just read this mia it didnt make sense so I have deleted it i read your stats wrong :D
Didn't see anything hon. What's up?


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
I do keep trying diff flavours though just pout of interest but had to throw out a spicy tomato one recently as my taste certainly hadnt changed on that one... yuckydo!

What on earth have they put in it - tastes all sacchariney to me! :jelous: (I'm sure it needn't be like that as tomato soup is normally so nice - if they took out all that icky sweetener, I don't think it would be too bad? :confused:)
don't worry mia, I deleted it :)
Jacey you are right, but the one I had was also really very grainy!
Like eating sandwiches on the beach...:9529:




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Caress, you should be proud of yourself you have diecided to do something about it. You go girl !!!!!
I hate the soups, they make me gag! urghhhhh! i had 5 weeks of strawberry tetras and im recently beginning to dislike them too.
I love the peanut bars and i love choc mint made with cold peppermint tea, occasional vanilla and sunshine orange (try it!) so im now sticking to these.

Let me know if there are any good recipies im missing out on?!!

lottie xxx

Im sure it will change over in another few weeks, but i can honestly say yuck to the soups!

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