Going on Holiday eating out add a meal tips??


Im supposed to be going on Holiday on 3/11/06 and will be in my add a meal week.

Does anyone have any tips on eating out while on add a meal. Im going to grancanaria. Im assuming though that you just order fillet of chicken (plain)with cous cous and only eat the chicken or something. What do you all think?
Hi hun - I would go for plain grilled chicken with green leafy salad/green or white veg tbh hun. Avoid all carbs and make sure your portion sizes are within the limits in your weightcare book!

Happy holidays!
Chicken and veg (not potatoes) ... chicken and salad, tuna salad, cottage cheese salad, white fish and veg or salad ...!!!!!!!!

Hope you have a lovely holiday Claire - any spare room in yr luggage??!!!!
Im going to try and do atkins, i am i am i am, Florida is food food food though, so i must stay away from the carbs.

Grancanaria do lovely fish, so stay with that and chicken, keep away from my fav pella, [think thats how you spell it]? have a great time. x