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Going on holiday what do I do?

S: 15st0lb G: 10st0lb
I am going on holiday in November and I don't know what to do.
I am reading about refeeding, but if I refeed before my holidays it will mean that I don't lose weight and so want to lose weight.
But, if I don't refeed will this mean that I put loads and loads on whilst on holiday?
Very uneasy about this holiday, other half suggests I use Lipotrim whilst on holiday, which is sweet of him, but that is part of the holiday isn't it sitting and eating a relaxing meal together.
Help please!
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Is it somewhere that you could do your shakes or is it a hotel that your going to??

When I did this the first time round I personally decided that it wasn't worth breaking the regime for 7 days where its hard to restart again :(

Its down to personal choice tho and if you do a proper refeed and follow the plan whilst on holiday you could still lose something while on holiday :D x x x


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You have to refeed. If you don't then you will put on more on holiday.
You have to mentally prepare yourself to not lose weight during refeed and then maybe even put on some on holiday.
As long as you can get back on 100% when you get home, you will have the holiday weight off in no time at all, just look at Deezer.
Just enjoy your holiday. For some that means carrying on with Lipotrim but for most that means taking a(sometimes, a well earned) break. x
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I went to the lakes for a long weekend a couple of weeks ago, and i stuck to the shakes 100% but i was in the situation that i could as my fella was really understanding and didnt pressure me into going for meals. We did the sights and what not, then stayed in the caravan and chilled at night. We took the george foreman so he could eat, plus its saved us money. Where are you off to? xx


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Hey hun... If you know deep down you WILL eat... then re-feed and eat on your holiday.... believe me it will be better than just caving on holiday and coming home with an extra stone rather than 4/5lbs!!

Its not easy getting back on but it can be done.... i did re-feed and ate well when i went away.... when i got back i think the extra lbs was what i'd drank not what i'd eaten lol.... So as soon as i was back 100% it dropped off!!!

I can off as it was my 30th and i knew i'd want to eat and drink.... If you can stay 100% then do so it is by far the easier way but if you come off definately do the re-feed hun!!! x


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Elaine, I posted a similar thread because I go to Italy on 24th October, half board!! I guess because in the back of my mind, when I have been told that to go back to 100% will feel almost impossible, I am leaning towards staying on TFR. I know Deezer is one in a million cause she managed to do it :), but without wanting to be negative, most find it incredibly hard when they lose the momentum. I think each to their own. I think we will both know as the time gets nearer, what is right for us. I'm back on 31st October so I will let you know how I got on :)


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just had a holiday and managed to stay 100% went with family for pub lunch x2 managed to have sparking water and coffee,didnt feel too bad
S: 15st0lb G: 10st0lb
Hi thanks for your advice, I am feeling more confident now, I think I will refeed and get straight back on Lipotrim the day after I return from holiday. I have no hesitation that I will be able to get back on immediately so that is a positive isn't it.
Enjoy your own holidays and celebrations that you talk about.
Madeira here I come! Elaine.

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