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Going on holiday??


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Just wondered what you lot do? Do you stick to the diet 100%? Allow extra sins? Or just enjoy yourself and get back on track when you get home?

I am off camping tommorrow, and am going to try and stick to it as much as possible, but without a fridge to keep things fresh, it can get bloody expensive! And camping adds up anyway, but i dont want to blow it big time, and i am hoping all the extra walking and swimming i will be doing will help.

When i was on the cambridge diet, i ditched the diet and ate what i wanted, well i was in all inclusive hotel ;), and my weight gain wasnt too bad considering, oh well will have to see, just annoying my 2nd weigh in tommorrow is in the evening and we are leaving first thing, so not sure what i have lost this week, anyway i am rambling sorry x x
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I hope you have a great holiday!
When I go away, I don't stick to SW 100% though I don't go wild.
I keep an eye on the food but more or less eat or drink what I want.
I've been away 3 times, while doing SW through the years and so far have always lost while being away. I think it's all the walking that has done it, as I normally sit behind a desk all day!
Good luck and have fun.
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I think if you are going self catering then you are in total control of your food so your choices can work with the plan.

Also, there is a big element of choice going AI as well as i have found there is always fresh free foods like salads, veg, fruits, meat and fish on offer whenever i have been AI.

Im going to Sri Lanka in November and im also worried as most of the dishes over there are curries with a LOT of coconut milk which is uber synnage! Im going to aim to do fast forward for the 2 weeks before i go so i can let loose a little on my hols and not worry too much.

Apart from that my plan of attack is going to be to eat as much fresh fruit, veg and fish for my meals.
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Whenever i go away i remind myself how far i'v come..

I work on the princible, if i want it, really really want it.. il have it.. and if i want that dessert, and maybe even the started i'l have it, but i'l always sub-conciously try and 'slimmingworld' my meals as much as poss, .. having chicken and potatoes for example.. i think most people do this even when they'r ditching sw completly, because EE is so easy to do when eating out.

the extra walking and swimming will help.. but when u reach fro somthing, make sure its somthing youl enjoy, because dont you just hate it when you eat somthing that doesnt taste half as good as youv expected or you realise you didnt really want it after youv already eaten it? wasted cals LOL

i think no matter how loose you wanna get, unless your completly drunken the entire time, and no matter how many syns you have.. you'l always sub-conciously be thinking about whats best anyways. i always find that i do.. even if i think 'screw it!' lol

i think the more relaxed you are the easier your weight comes off... and i think being relaxed whilst on hols and enjoying food guilt free is the best thing to do, im not syaing youl shift weight eating loads of syns and being relaxed about it, but it'l certainly help come Wi if you do show a gain.

i went to cornwall with OH and OH's fam back in april, i ate what i wanted, but did so much walking i only gained a pound and a half and i must have eaten 50 syns a day?

have a fab holiday xxx


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S: 15st9.6lb C: 15st0.6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 35 Loss: 0st9lb(4.1%)
Thanks everyone for your replys, i think it will be ok, i dont drink too much so that will fit in my sins, and if i do EE it will be easier to have some bbq food with pasta, potatoes or salad and eat with hubby & kids. I hope the weather is good too, just noticed bloody trailer has a puncture though so have to get that fixed, so will be leaving later then planned. Wishing you all a good week, and i will let you all know how i got on when i am back x x

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