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Going on SS+ with food for a while, NEED IDEAS!! HELP!!


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I've been on SS for the last 7 months with aamw every 5th week and it's worked really well but now I would like to try SS+, so yesterday, I tried a bit of chicken and salad :eek: it was quite scary but enjoyable, the reason I've done it is because at the moment food is quite a scary thing for me and I don't want it to be. I want to have a healthy relationship with food and being on CD has made me realise that I had an unhealthy relationship. I don't want to get near target and then introduce food and then panic so I would like to try this for a little while and see how I get on.

BUT I do have some questions, and I would really appreciate some help from you lovely people who have been on SS+ before.

I hate fish OK, so on the list, I probably would have chicken, tuna and I've noticed that Quorn is on there (dont think it was on AAMW) so what I would like to know is:

1. What kind of Quorn are you allowed to have? Just looked on the net, and there are so many types of quorn!! Can you have any kind as long as it weighs what is required etc?

2. What do you season your chicken with? I'm not really a spicey fan, so I've been having my chicken plain or with a bit of oxo cube sprinkled onto it, but what other things can I put onto it?

3. With the tuna, can I put a low fat salad cream on it? (I used to have that!)

4. What are your losses like on SS+? This is the constant niggle in my head, am I going to lose as much on this plan as it's higher than SS, will I still be in ketosis, will I feel more hungrier? any of your own experiences would be really helpful.

5. Can you flip from the food option to the milk option or do you have to stick to one or the other?

The reason I have done it, isnt because I feel hungrier or feel the need to eat but it's more because I find myself hating food and not wanting anything to do with it, so I'm trying to combat this fear.
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hey honey. welcome to ss+ :)

with the quorn you can have quorn mince or plain quorn pieces. i have always stuck to the brand quorn to make sure i'm getting the right stuff.

i tend to cook chicken in a little bit of bouillon, i don't spice mine up so can't help with that one :)

avoid low fat salad cream. you aren't allowed in on ss so you aren't allowed it on ss+. the only thing you add on ss+ is the small amount of protein and veg. nothing else. so anything else you wouldn't have on ss, don't have it on ss+.

the losses are almost identical, although of course for the first week's weigh in you will have food in your body so don't get disappointed if the first week's loss isn't as expected, although it shouldn't make that much difference. most people lose around 2.5 - 3lbs per week on average i believe.

you can flip between options but i think cambridge recommend that you do this week by week rather than day by day, although i've never had a problem with switching the odd day...

hope that helps. good luck with it :)

abz xx


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hi hun.
i've been ss+ ing for a little while now, and keep to an average loss of 3lbs.
cant help much with variety, as i tend to have either chicken or tuna, with veggies every day. wanted to keep my choices minimised as the best thing about ss was not having to constantly think about food, whether that was shopping or cooking lol
hope it works out for you.


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S: 23st4lb G: 10st4lb
Abz thanks so much for your responce that's been really helpful, I'm really looking forward to this now, I'm going to get some quorn today.

Nightnight, your losses are excellent so I'd be very happy to have that on SS+

thanks everyone else for your replies, I agree, I dont want to make it complicated as I like not having to worry about what I'm going to make for food each night so if I stick to 3 things, I think I'll really enjoy it.


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be warned that the quorn portions are rather large!! ha. i would get pieces which is easier to split up into a couple of portions a day rather than the mince. or, if you are like me, i just don't manage to eat the whole lot... not great. ha.

abz xx


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S: 23st4lb G: 10st4lb
thanks abz, ive just got some and i'm going to try some later, im very excited!
im just in awe at u lilly your really going to do this and you ahve made me see theres sod all in ( its hard second time) its all in teh mind ect ... if u can do it dont see why i cant !!!!! as for meal ideas i was so 100% on ss+ and found it easy i use to have a breast of roast chicken skin removed ! then add corrinda and a little lo salt add some red pickled cabbadge and cucumber it was so lovley with a nice glass of orange sunshine mix good luck with the rest of your journy i read quite a bit of you blog today ( very interesting ) take care xxxxxxxxx
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I put the protein with different herbs or tobasco sauce. I've had it with a splash of soy suace but not sure if this is allowed! Turkey is possible as well.


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S: 23st4lb G: 10st4lb

Oh my!! I had quorn today and the portion must have been wrong!! it was so big!! and gorgeous!!! I couldnt believe it, I keep feeling I've been naughty and cheated but I've looked at my book and I cant believe I'm allowed it!! where has it been all my life?!!

Thanks so much everyone for your help, I dont know what I would do without both CD forums, you dont realise how much you've all helped me!!


now got pictures in album
S: 23st4lb G: 10st4lb
I had the mince with a bit of that seasoning in a bit of water, I couldnt believe how much you were allowed to have!!!

and yesterday I had tuna!!! and I loved it!!! oh myyyyy I'm sure I wont lose any weight this week!!

and tonight I'm hving chicken roasted! well grilled haha, cant wait! I'm so excited!

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