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going over cheese and cream allowance

was wondering whether it mattered where your protein comes from. I am managing to stick to 20grms of carbs a day. But today I used around 150mls cream(for tea/coffee and about 150 grams of cheese. I also had lean beef, salad and aubergines, and one 3g carb shake.
Does that sound OK?
It won't be a regular thing, but am I likely to put on weight because of the high calorie intake.
I am only on day 2
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Technically it doesn't matter what form the protein is, however, cream & cheese stall many on this board, myself included Sue
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Yes, i need to add myself to the list of stallers. I ate similar amounts of cheese in my first two weeks and lost no weight at all. I'm now on a re-start, this time no cheese or cream in sight.
Thanks all

Damn just got two large packets on a buy one get one free!! Oh well would be more cheesed off if I don't lose at least a pound.
I have cheese nearly everyday and have cream nearly every other day. The first week i lost 7lb and this week I lost just over 4lb. Do you think im ok with them?
You're probaly one of the lucky ones then Chubby
I seem to be okay with cheese but cream is a big staller for me. It's definitely worth getting the taste of black tea and coffee. I was having the sugar free jelly and cream, and cream in my coffees in previous attempts and my cravings went bananas! This time, cheese every other day and NO cream and so far so good.

You'll find what works for you, don't worry, just keep focussed. GOOD LUCK!


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Ive not had cheese for a couple of days and still stalled !!!


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thanks - could do with a water drip!
thanks - could do with a water drip!
LOL. I know - it takes some getting used to doesn't it. I'm still struggling to get enough into me as well but I know from previous attempts and different diets - jeepers just in general even - water is magic! It can helps with a whole lotta ills.So we gotta just keep on with it. Don't worry about a stall - it all catches up in the end. :D
sip away the fat people! We're sipping away the fat -remember, the more you drink, the more you shrink! :D

p.s. sipping throughout the day is better and much healthier than trying to glug all at once. Let's look after ourselves folks. :D


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thanks for the reminder - again - about the water. i am beginning to think that it is my downfall, rather than what i eat, stalling me. i struggle some days to drink any, bad bad bad. i just forget!