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Going public with my pledge!


Serial Dieter!
Hi folks!
Some of the long timers on here will remember me, but for those who don't know me let me introduce myself!

My name is Ali, I'm a CWC and have been for 6 years. I initially lost 7 stones with Cambridge using the Sole Source plan and moving through the plans. However I never reached my 'ultimate' goal.... I got a BMI of 27 and stayed there for a year and then Regained every single last lb! :break_diet:
During this time I tried and failed to SS over and over again... all the time watching my clients as they achieved their goals with my support :confused:
So I stopped trying the all or nothing approach and lost 5 stone on the 1200 plan... between late '07 and '08 and then maintained into '09 I then felt able to start 7 weeks of SS and lost 2 more stones! Result... but not my ultimate goal


Well, again I've not been paying attention, and I've found 3 stone of the total AGAIN!

In order to gain some momentum and make myself accountable for my actions, I'm going public with my aims, intentions and goals so.... I've written to all my clients, past and present, to let them know where they can find my blog.... I've pledged to SS for the next 7 weeks without hesitation, or deviation!
I've posted the horrible truth of my weight and I've taken some not very flattering photo's which I've also posted!

Please take the time to have a look at my blog and visit it again from time to time... I'm updating it every day and I'm going to take the dreaded photo's every week!
It would also be very nice if you commented now and again!

The link is in my signature

Thanks for taking the time to read :)
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blue eyes

Positive and focused!
Have just read your blog. I live in Stourbridge and started on Monday after several attempts last year and this year.
In 2008 I lost 3 stone in 10 weeks, then went on holiday and stayed the same but could not get back on to the diet due to xmas.

I feel determined this time to complete and get down to my target weight, easier said than done! Now on day 4 not sleeping well due to toilet trips and nightmares [ myself dishing out food, nice food! lol].

Like you I find myself stuck on the computer on MiniMins to stop myself eating! I make my shakes up with 500ml also, always the same toffee and walnut made up with black coffee. The housework has gone to pot, but I suppose there will be plenty of time for that when I have that surge of energy!

Keep up the good work, will look daily to see how you are getting on.xx


Serial Dieter!
Thanks for your support guys!


Working on it
I gave it a read and I also am stuck to minimins! luckily I have an iphone and have the iphone app so if i waver and i just log on! x
All in the same boat we can help keep each other sane and through this, we can do this!
Emma1904 said:
I gave it a read and I also am stuck to minimins! luckily I have an iphone and have the iphone app so if i waver and i just log on! x
Ahh. Isnt it just fantastic? I dont log onto minimins anymore just check my iphone! :)


Laugh in the face of food
Good luck Ali, I'm in the same boat too and I think I partly blame the fact that I never quite made it to my target weight, I couldn't quite lose the last 5lbs and now I've got 3 stone 9lbs to lose again. I'm starting again tomorrow on a 10 week SS plan, I've taken photos this time round too. Last time I found it hard to get my head round the fact that I'd lost so much weight because my body stayed the same shape just a smaller version, I'm hoping photos will help me see the difference in a way that helps me realize it!!

Good luck, I'll be following you closely xxx


Serial Dieter!
Thanks formall your support guys..... Day 7 today with a weigh due tomorrow.... I'm expecting 8lbs... But what I'd really like is a stone! Not happening, my body won't play!
My 7 week challenge is 2 stone so, which works out at 7pm the first week then 3.5pm every week after..... It's realistic and achieveable and means that I'm not setting myself up for failure!
My first weigh in tomorrow also, totm and I have done a stone before in the first week but like you hoping for around 8/9/10 anything more a bonus!