Going to be tough to get my water in...


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I'm off in Edinburgh at a course on Thursday and Friday which runs 9-5pm. I'm going to really struggle to get my water in over those hours as I dont want to be running to the loo. I guess I could try and do as much as I can before and after?

Any thoughts?

Lynne x
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Hi Lynne
I know people will shout at me but if its only for one day dont worry so much about the water,just try and drink what you can and drink extra the days before and after ?
Good Luck HUn]xxc


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I have days when I struggle to get mine in too - when i'm travelling round the country - can't always guarantee to find a loo when driving!

On these days I normally wake up early and have a litre before i leave...... i always wake up feeling thirsty on this diet anyway so i don't tend to need the loo much first thing in the morning. I then take a litre with me and drink about half of it, but space it out throughout the morning... second half i have around lunchtime. I then usually have a break for a bit and then start on third litre towards 4pm... then I only have a litre to go in the evening.. (i only have 4 litres when travelling - 5 litres when at home)

Hope this helps.. alternatively.. if the meeting is boring.. regular toilet breaks may keep u awake!!


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Agree with advice so far. Don't worry, do the best you can ! You may get a bit dehydrated but can make up for it when you are back.

I also wake up thirsty so try to do a litre before the day starts. Its also really common on courses and meetings these days for people to sit there with their own bottles of water or for water to be provided.

Sure you will be fine !