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Going to Glasgow by Plane

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
Unfortunately i have no idea :( but great question as i'm off to the states in October & will also be taking some Tetra's. Hopefully someone will be along soon to answer this....xxx
You can't take Tetras on a plane in hand luggage, hon. I had the same prob on a business trip to Glasgow recently.

I took a bar for the plane, and put my tetras in a bag in the hold (flattened out to allow for expansion, and put them in a tied plastic bag ... for all that, one still 'exploded'!!)

Glasgow's a pretty small airport and it's only a 10 minute wait for bags to appear on the carousel generally ... I know it's a pain to check a bag in but you gotta eat!
Oh and Fuzzy's Angel - apparently there are probs with taking tetras to the US, even in checked-in bags, because of the restrictions of taking fresh foodstuffs / dairy into the US. I have to say I got away with it last trip (shhh!), but they could be confiscated.

I read a post on here from a lady who got a doctor's note to take Tetras to the US but still had them taken off her at the airport this end - she got them back when she returned, though.
It also costs £10 per bag each way to check in - p*** take or what????

So, I spend £20 to take 6 tetras on a plane that will probably explode anyway or people would say swap them for something else but my CDC is away at the mo - ..... knackered is the phrase that springs to mind!
G: 11st10lb
I would take the sachets instead, I took mine on a trans-atlantic flight (having checked with the airline and the destinations high commission too - but then, I was taking 65 packs with me!).

I also took bars, but in my hold luggage. You should be absolutely fine taking the packs in your hand luggage as they are sealed and you don't need to put them in the clear plastic bag either as they aren't liquids.

Worth thinking about though, is taking your own clear bag as, when I flew from Luton to Dublin I had to BUY bags at the airport! Grrr.. they must be of a certain size and sealable when filled.

Hope this is helpful, worth calling the airline if you have time just to double check, (I'd be sorely tempted to shove the bars in the bottom of my handbag and take packs too) lol

If you don't have any packs perhaps a nearby CDC could sell you some, or a friendly nearby dieter might have some to spare that you can buy? Just a thought...

Safe and happy travels to you x
Just another thought - have you got time to post the Tetras up to Glasgow to where you're staying? Cheaper than the £20 to check your bags in (yeah, £10 each way is a rip off ... we must use the same airline)

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