going to my first group on monday...what should i expect???


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You will meet the leader and fill in paperwork. You will then get weighed and they will set you your first goal. You should then stay t the meeting (at least the first time anyway) and your leader will discuss tips and receipes with the group. This is what happened at my 1st meet anyway.

I was really nervous but I went on my own and it really isnt that bad. Everyone is in the same boat so you wont feel alone.

Good Luck xx


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Hello Klairbear, initially I just went to see what it was like. At the time I wasn't sure to either join WW or SW. I was also a bit nervous. But once I was there I liked what I heard. I signed in, stayed and have no regrets :D . SW seems more my cup of tea (compared to WW) as I can really eat until I am satisfied (just had the largest bowl of pasta, lol :eating: ). Everyone is really friendly and it's a good laugh, too. Give it a try... it's well worth it :)

B. xx


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Everybody will make you feel so welcome-they did at mine.Now going to group is the highlight of my week,i have made so many friends :)