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Going to my last meeting tomorrow night


loves food and cooking
Tomorrow is my last night at group :( What is lovely however, is that they have organised a great 'tasting buffet party' for me - aren't they lovely!

I have attended this class for well over a year, only missed sessions when out of the country - got to target in Feb and still go every single week - I have made some fantastic friends there, but sadly tomorrow night is my last night :cry:

We have now moved out of the area, and next week we are off to America for 4 weeks - when we get back, we move in to our new house properly, and I will need to find a new class to join - that's a bit scary :eek:

It is likely that I will drift over my target range having been away for so long :rolleyes:, but I am hoping that a new class will get me back on track and into my target zone quick enough.
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Aww wow good luck! it is a shame as the other members of the group do become friends dont they. Im sure you will feel the same way soon enough about the new group! well done for getting to target to! Enjoy the trip the the states to! x


Slow but sure....
Oh, how kind that they are giving you such a good 'send off'.....have a wonderful time in the US, safe journey to you, and good luck in your new home too, I'm sure you will more lovely SW friends when you find your new class. X


loves food and cooking
I am looking forward to meeting a whole new group of people, and on one level, I hope I have a bit of weight to lose when I get back (I think it might be easier to join a group as a member rather than a target member if you know what I mean :eek:)


loves food and cooking
thanks x


Mad old Bat with Attitude
As Natt says have fun! Enjoy your time in America, (watch your portions!) and all the best for your new home, I hope you have many happy years there.


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Awww...have a great time in the States! I would hate to have to leave my class! I've been with them for a year and a half now and you do make some good friends. I'm sure you will make new ones in your new class.


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Hi Angie, have a lovely night tonight, what a great group they sound. I also would hate to leave my group, it's been 2 years now (OMG that sounds like forever!) but sometimes circumstances force these issues.

You'll be fine, have a lovely holiday to the states and hope you settle into your new home soon.
Jay xx


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have a great time in America. Remember that when you return you may have to go to a new SW group but you will still have the same old us here.
Joining a new class as a target member can be inspiring to those of us still trying to lose our weight so you will be fine :) Have a fab holiday, I am very envious of you going to the states for a whole month !!

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