Going to my weigh in today


Starting again...
I havent seen my lady for 2 weeks so hopeing for a big loss!!:) I will be gutted if I havent lost as i have been a very good girl!

I have lost so many inches of my body!! But my bum and hips are very slow but my stomach is the fastest! So i look a bit odd now!:eek:

Anyway wish me luck, my weigh in is at 11am.:)
Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How did you do Karen?

I've got my weigh-in at 5.30 and am feeling very nervous after having stayed the same last week (despite NO cheating). this is the first time I've ever felt nervous about a weigh-in.

I'm losing my weight in the opposite places to you ... my thighs & bum are shrinking nicely but I still look 8 months pregnant because of my belly!!

Swap you a bit of bum for a bit of belly!! :D

Looking forward to hearing how you got on!