going to start

Hi Everyone.

I am due to start LL on Wednesday 10th January and am quite excited as your stories have inspired me more. I have struggled with my weight since having my children.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had trouble getting their medical form signed, as I am having a nightmare. I phoned my doctors to get an appointment with the practice nurse and was told she couldnt do it, and the nearest appointment I could get with the doctor wasnt until the 23rd January (ridiculous). My husband then phoned his doctors (as he is registered at a different surgery),they said they would take me on and would be able to get the medical done, I went to the surgery filled out all the relevant forms, for them to then tell me there would be a £90.00 charge for the medical as they say it is a full medical. Has anyone else paid this amount????

I phoned my LL Counsellor who has given me a number for a private doctors, and said that the practice nurse would be able to do it, unfortunately she wasnt there when I phoned and wont be in until tommorrow (9th January), so fingers crossed they can get me in and its not to pricey.

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are you going on lipotrim or lighterlife ? because you can get lipotrim from the chemist without having a medical that u have to pay for :confused:


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Hi Em
I have heard from a few others that GP's have made charges - though not as pricey as yours!
I was really lucky that my GP embraced me dealing with my weight issues & not draining the NHS of funds etc etc. Perhaps you could put it to him/her that way???
See what cost the the counsellors nominated DR quotes, it's not rocket science what they actually do infact I think it takes the same time as a 5 min appointment.
Good luck, whatever happens xxx


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I can't see how they can say its a full medical. My doctor took my blood pressure and filled out the form taking notes from my records. It cost me 15.00 which isn't too bad. Try the private dr because when I started at LL last September I was given a doctors name who would do the medical for 20 quid. Good luck.


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I was charged £14 and had to wait for 6 days before I could collect the form. God knows why she took my blood pressure and checked my heart it took all of 5 mins.

She was a locum so could have been she needed to check my medical history. Though they would not have much since I recently returned from Oz and over there you dont have to see the same doctor every time so there is no real medical history to bring back. Bit like a dentist here.

Wont knock the NHS though its quite nice not having to pay to see a doctor again!!



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I got charged £45 and was more than a tad fed up - but at least they will let the practise Nurse do the monthly updates free of charge.

In my case I don't think the issue was the Doctor, but the Practise Manager - 'gotta run the surgery like a business' type approach

Annoying though isn't it - I should have just tried it out through an appointment (after all I was only in there for 10 mins)

Anyway - good luck with LL - today is my Day One and its such a good feeling to be taking control of ones life rather than just having life 'happen to you.

Keep posting - its fun and there's load of support in here
Thanks for all your comments. I myself carnt see how it is a full medical the questions on the form are so straight forward. When I left the surgery yesterday they even gave me a urine sample bottle in case I decided to book for a medical there at the cost of £90.00.

Can anyone tell me what the medical involves, i am on the understanding that it is really just to check your blood pressure.

Anyway I am going to phone the private doctors this morning to see if I can get in there. It is just so annoying when you want to do something to help with your weight.

Is anyone else doing this journey with a freind, me and my freind are doing it together and we are both so excited.

Emma xx


Hi Emma,

I haven't been charged for my medical since I started and I will be at the end of my 100 days by the end of this month.

My initial medical consisted of measuring my height, my weight, taking my blood pressure and pulse and general questions about my health. I was lucky as someone had already seen this doctor to do LL and so I didn't have a great deal of explaining to do and although she did say she should charge she volunteered not to.

This said, I just made an appointment to see the doctor, I didn't tell the receptionist why. If they ask, I would tell them they are not medically qualified to judge, but they don't. All in all I have seen my GP three times and the nurse once, and not been charged at all. When booking the appointment to see the nurse, I told them it was to have my blood pressure checked, which is just about all it is and quite a usual thing for overweight people to have to participate in. So they didn't bat an eyelid.

I have also heard that you after the initial medical, you can get your blood pressure checked at a Lloyds pharmacy and they give you a form which is adequate. However I would ask your LLC to see if this is acceptable to her.

Meanwhile, it the Private Doc proves too expensive, I would go back to your own Doctors and explain that a full medical is not required. Just the above checks and noting that there is nothing in your medical history that contra-indicates going on the plan.

Good Luck and best wishes for every success with the plan.


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wow this is a rip off, I am on lipotrim and as you are seen at the chemist you dont have to pay for any forms to be signed by gp. lighter life is basically the same diet.


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I had to pay 50 quid with a private Doctor as my practice Nurse or GP wouldn't do it.
I say go to the private Doctor cos you can get an appointment pretty much when you want.
Good luck!
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Well I have phoned the private docs and have an appointment in the morning they are charging me £40.00 what a difference.

Lets just hope it all goes to plan, I have this vision of something else going wrong when I get there, fingers crossed it doesnt as I start my first meeting tommorrow

Once again thanks for all your help



Hair today - gone tomorra
S: 25st13lb C: 19st13lb G: 15st10lb BMI: 38.9 Loss: 6st0lb(23.14%)
good luck - I have just done Day One and its not so bad - and you feel quite noble for getting through the day

All I will say is - know where the loos are because the sudden intake in water does 'go through you' a bit to begin with

Keep posting and be good to hear how you are getting on
mindless, congrats on your first day!!

Are you finding it hard getting your 4ltrs of water in? And are you feeling hungry at all?

Keep posting as it would be great to hear your progress



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Good luck with your appointment tomorrow.

I would bring a urine sample with me seeing how you have a bottle as the doctor just might ask for a urine sample to check for diabetes and it will save you the trouble if he does happen to ask.

You can increase your water intake gradually throughout the day, but you must drink at least four pints of water including the water you use for mixing your shakes.

This is because we normally get most our water from the food we eat.

Be sure to let us know how you get on.

Love Mini xxx


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Can't believe people are having to pay. I went to see my practice nurse, she was extremely supportive, took plenty of time with me, and asked to see me again so she could hear the good news story.
All free.


Your very lucky Jason that you have such a nice practise nurse and that she is so supportive:)

Love Mini xxx

I think I will take your advise on the urine sample just in case, as I am visualising everything going wrong before my meeting tommorrow at 12.30, as things have been so difficult just getting the form signed.

Its strange how things can delay you when you want something so bad.

Me and my freind just carnt wait to start, as we have both tried several diets before, lost weight and put it back on and more.

Love Em