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Gone off track

S: 18st2lb C: 18st2lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hey Bethany ... how much have you lost? Should you still be SS'ing? How much more do you want to lose Sorry for all questions, but you've no ticker!!!

You can do this - you need to want it badly enough ... decide today's the day and just do it!!! Simple as that!! Start drinking water .. .. focus and get yourself sorted!! C'mon girl .. if I can jump off wagon and wave it goodbye during this week and haul my [email protected] back up and SS and STILL lose 3lbs ... anyone can!!!

Go for it girl .. TODAY!!!

S: 18st2lb C: 18st2lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I'm on Cambridge (did first 4 weeks on Lipotrim but found it too restrictive) and have to say I love it!!

You need to refocus ... okay, say to yourself I will do this for 100 days (only 14 weeks) ... a third of a year!! And I will NOT break it in that time for ANY reason!!! (apart from medical intervention of course) ... Also think of the summer coming up and how wonderful you will feel to have lost 3 stone (at least) by June and be slimmer for the summer!!

Girlie you can do this .. you need to visualise yourself slimmer (I found this really hard at first but it CAN be done)

PM me if you need more motivation offline .. but dont throw this wonderful chance away!!!
Thanks everyone for your help.
Starlight i have been thinking about doing ww even joining a club but there is 2 things what is stopping me

1 frightened i use all my points up and have not got any left

2 Frightened i will be hungry all the time and the

3 if you have to weigh everything that you eat as someone told me you have to weigh every thing
Sodont know.

With the unit diet there does not seem to be many on here following it.


Bethany to be honest WW isnt hard... you seem to worry a lot about weighing portions, I use my scales about 3 times a week theres very little to it.

You asked on the WW forum if people found they were hungry and the answer was a resounding NO, noone felt they were - ever. I can say hand on heart Im NEVER hungry and even if I was well I have something low or free in points.

Even if you do have to weigh things now and again, a little bit of work for a good weight loss HAS to be worth it.

At least if you try WW or SW youll get loads of help and tips on here which in itself make things SO much easier

Why not give it a try for a couple of weeks and see how it goes.
I found spreading them out over the day tricky but if you have a breakfast, lunch and evening meal youll find they go in quite quickly but you still have some left for snacks.

Have a look at the WW forums, Sparkle and Marie have posted a lot of days menus which will give you an idea of how easy and versatile it is.

WW do a lot of foods which have the points worked out and all of Tescos own brand low fat foods have the points on them too, which make it even easier
Thanks starlight you have been some help to me i cant seem to get motivated again i want to lose this weight do you have to weigh your fresh fruit like grapes or rasps or strawberries
Could you not bother to count fruit


Working My Way to Thin!
Hi Bethany

Have you thought any more about trying Paul Mckenna? I know you now have the book and CD, perhaps you could give this a go now, then you will not have to obsess with the weighing and portions etc.

Not sure if you have been in the PMK forum recently, but a few of us now also have the book called 'Beyond Chocolate' (link below) which we are using in conjunction with PMK and I am sure this will answer all the questions you were always so unsure about with doing PMK, see what you think, good luck Bethany in what ever you decide to do


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