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Gone right off the products - help !


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I have been on Cambridge since August and took a two week break over xmas. I'm back on plan and although I am feeling fine with the detox side of it - I am really not enjoying the products at all, I seem to have really gone off them. I tend to just have tetras as never really enjoyed the soups, went off the porridge in November. Any ideas to help me tolerate them again ? thanks alot xx
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Add some spices/sweetners, black pepper Tabasco sauce etc. There are also some recipes you will find on here but they involve microwaving alot of the products which then nukes the vitamins so its not recommended unless you are having 4 packs a day, unless you take some vitamin supplements I suppose. But I have really been enjoying crisps made from the soup and its a welcome change, I'm mixing in a few slim & save products here and there so I don't get bored aswell.


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Mix-a-mousse was my life saver- also the bars. There are loads of imaginative recipes such as trifle made with water flavourings, mix a mousse and a shake mix of whatever flavour you like so it's well worth taking a look. Try a new variety of herbal tea to have with a bar.
If all else fails, remember that you're not doing this as a gourmet treat, it's a means to an end and it works!!


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Trifle! Now that sounds good x


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How do you make the crisps?

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I'd suggest trying it with half a pack first.

Mix the soup packet with water but only enough to make a thick paste, gradually add small amounts of water so you don't over do it. When its mixed and there are no lumps spread it onto either a small plate or a teflon sheet in small circles for crisp or a large circle for a popadom. Microwave for about 1m - 1 1/2 minutes but keep checking on them to make sure they don't burn. Ease the edges off with a knife and let em cool down.

If you are 3 packs don't do this every day because it depletes some of the nutrition, I just do it every now and then for a treat x
I used to add half an oxo cube plus salt and pepper to the soups, as well as one to two teaspoonsful of psyllium husk. What a difference this makes!

I also added husk to the sweet shakes to make them thicker, creamier and more satisfying.


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Psyllium husk sounds good - I guess it is more "roughage" too. I really don't like how runny the soups are so am definitely going to try this. As a crisp ADDICT I am certain to try the crisp idea further down the line too, want to get myself firmly established on the normal stuff first though before I start to become a CDD gourmet! ;)