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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Scarlett, 17 April 2008 Social URL.

  1. Scarlett

    Scarlett Full Member

    After so much procrastination and self-torment I have finally had a light bulb moment!!

    Only I can make the decision to lose weight and change my behaviours/negative thinking and I am sick of my time wasting actions.. diet/break diet/eat like a buffallo etc over and over again.

    So here I am again with day 1 going well, 1 banana tetra, 1 choc tetra down and despite some stomach gurgly issues all is going well..

    The reality is that this diet is not impossible... or painful... or as tortuous as some people (me included) make out.... and we choose to do it!!! Because of the outstanding results that we know will come!

    So thats been my mantra today- I HAVE CHOSEN THIS DIET!!! THIS IS MY CHOICE! I AM NOT A VICTIM!

    and despite the challenges (including holidays etc) that I have coming up I am determined to reach goal this time.

    So feel free to tune in to my ramblings...

    Back to work... have fun guys!
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  3. Sarette

    Sarette Gold Member

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    Cambridge Weight Plan
    Nicely put, you CAN do this! xxx
  4. karenO

    karenO Step away from the chips!

    Looking forward to wholeheartedly identifying with your ramblings lol.

    Wishing you success x
  5. Skyemagic

    Skyemagic Full Member


    Love this and couldn't have said it better..

    good luck and keep us posted

  6. Skyemagic

    Skyemagic Full Member

    Sorry Karen, just realised you are a bit of a newbie....well, after 2 days I felt like I had been on here for years..

    All the best to you as well obviously...:flowers:

  7. Scarlett

    Scarlett Full Member

    thanks for the words of encouragement guys...

    almost home time for me.. been strong all day... glugging the fizzy water to keep me going!
    tomorrow is my day off and will be a big test.. But I'm ready for it!
    Really proud of myself today and feeling on top of the world!

  8. Scarlett

    Scarlett Full Member

    ok day 2... and my day off so first thing is first I need to decide my plan of action for the day.

    Just got my first glass of water going.. woken up by my crazy cat sitting on my head- clawing my scalp! trying to show me love in his twisted way!!

    so curled up on the sofa with my macbook and minimins... preparing for a day of housework, maybe reading, definitely coming on Minimins to keep myself focussed.

    I have a trip to san francisco coming up on wednesday- and usually this would mean an excuse to quit my diet as theres no point being "good" until then, as I will eat whatever I want there for a week and typically gain at least 7 pounds in a week.

    This time it will be different. I am taking my packs in my case and will have a tetra for brekkie/lunch and a chicken salad (or similar low carb) for my evening meal with my family.

    Its so refreshing to feel in control ofmy weight and eating before a holiday which is typically when I would fall head first off the wagon and weeks/months sometimes would be spent trying to regain control- on diet/off diet and gaining pounds in the process.

    Whilst this holiday may not be at my ideal weight rather than using it to feel sorry for myself I have already told my dad that I want to go on daily walks, up the hills of SF!!! to really use this holiday as a turning point and a time to relect.

    So heres hoping everyone including me has a great day, staying strong and focussed on the end result, whatever that may be.

  9. Dragonfly

    Dragonfly Silver Member

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    Cambridge Diet
    I hope you have a great holiday, stick with the CD as much as you can. Good luck
  10. sassey50kg

    sassey50kg determined to be thin!

    have a great trip! and good luck with you weightloss 'journey'. Have you thought of getting a 'ticker', its a great visual to help motivate, its a great feeling to be able to mark off the lbs as they disappear.
    Also, there is a great spreadsheet on one of the 'stickys' which helps you map your losses and will predict your getting to goal date as you lose the weight. I find it really helps keep me on the straight and narrow.
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