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Gonna try some red & green days - help please you experts!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Ive decided that after my horrendous gain of half a pound this week im gonna try and mix it up a bit :confused:
Ive only followed EE so far and tbh thats pretty much the only one my C explained so.....
RED - 1 or 2 HEX A & B's, free meat and fish etc - If i want rice, pasta, beans or potatoes I have to HEX or syn them?
GREEN - 1 or 2 HEX A & B's, free pasta, rice,beans and potatoes - If I want meat I have to syn it? Can I HEX meat?

And finally in regards to superfree should I still be looking at 1/3 of the plate?

I know there are some very wise people on here who will get me on the straight and narrow:p
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Will be thin god dammit!!
Wow thanks Allie - think that pretty much explains it all!

Probs the only meat i would eat on a green would be chicken or low fat sausages - so how much chicken for a HEX ? And i still syn the sausage or can i not have them?
And on a red probs be potato if any thing, so how much for a HEX of that?


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you can't have rice as a Hex on a red day and pasta has to be wholemeal and potato has to have its skin on :) a 227g jacket or 198g of baby pots I usually cut the jacket into wedges cuz not keen on a jacket unless its loaded with butter lol
I just changed from doing EE to doing 4/5 days a week red and the rest still ee I lost 2.5lb last week and 1 this week despite it being * week :) so its working for me :)

you can have a look at my food diary if you like it now has mostly red on it not done green in ages I think I overdo it on the carbs on green :D:D



Will be thin god dammit!!
Thanks again hun - your a star x

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