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Gonnabesmall is gonnabesmaller x ;o)

after a long time im gonna start anew diary,might help me as weight losses havent been too good,oops

here goes.....


1XHEB-2 slices weight watchers thick slice bread with a scrape of flora el and a banana

pineapple chunks

mushroom omelette and beans

cottage pie with loads of veg in it and more veg on the side

apple shape zero and 1xhea=28g cheese

syns=fel 1/2

trying not to have many syns this week cos had a bad binge sun so trying to pull back a bit
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good luck soccermom.do you know.a few weeks ago,i was excited cos i only had 3lb to lose till i got to my 3stone target,and i was sooooooooooo close now i got to lose weight ive allready lost ,grrrrr,(but no ones elses fault but my own)and its not the 3lb anymore its flippin 8lb.will do it though.hopefully b4 christmas.......this year i hope x
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Never gets tired of SW!
G: 10st10lb
Hi fellow West Country girl!! How are you me luvverrr?! (I can take the mick, I'm from Exeter!) Food diary looking great! I really find mine helps me focus and keeps me remembering exactly what I've had and track my syns! Sometimes I make a plan for the day and don't allow myself to stray at all! It really works (sometimes it doesn't lol but it does make me think twice about putting even one chocolate into my mouth!!)
allright then funcurls me ansome.didnt realise you live in exeter:).yeah i will see how it goes.gonna join a group next thurs...wish me luck....might keep me on track,only want to do it till christmas,after that i will go it alone again.really determined to shift this bleedy 8lb x I WILL SUCEED,I WILL SUCEED x

went for breakfast at costa,had lattee,figured id use my hea for that and a naughty cupcake,couldent resist

heb=6 crackerbread

bugger.let myself down AGAIN.:(

went plymouth shopping and didnt get home till late and had a chinese,was too late to start cooking and needed somthing more than fruit.o eck what do you do,was wanting to be angelic this week too and now i feel ive ruined it all
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usually weigh on saturdays,but decieded to join a group on thurs(wish me luck,feel a bit nervous :-/ ) really need to shift this last 8lb...prob to put it on again for christmas though;-D .will let you know what weigh in goes like hopefully il be less than i was at my weigh on last sat :O)


1 xheb=kellogs hi fi bar

lasagne 1xhea=42g lf cheese,chips,loads of superfree in lasagne

syns=4 for cheese sauce
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Never gets tired of SW!
G: 10st10lb
Hey hun, good to see you keeping track with your food diary!! Looks like you're getting plenty of superfree in there! Hope you're OK and enjoyed the class on Thursday! Sorry to hear you had to go to a funeral- hope it wasn't someone too close- sad never the less! I lost 3lb this week which I was chuffed with as have been feeling like I haven't made much progress in the last 6 weeks since coming back from Spain despite being good most of the time! Just seemed that I couldn't get away with even the slightest mishap! But now I'm pleased as 11 stone 8lb which I haven't been since I was 21 (12 years ago) My target is 10 stone 10 lb! I'm from Exeter but have lived in Swansea since 1996 when I came here to do my nursing when I was 19 and stayed ever since! My parents are still in Exeter though so I do get back fairly often! Good luck for Thurs!!X
hiya funcurls.good 4 you l;osing 3lb,i could do with that lol.quite nervous about re-joining on thurs.i havent weighed for a fortnight so hoping im gonna see a loss from the last time.your around the same weight as me then.im 11st 11lb the last time i weighed.i was 11st 6lb about 8 weeks ago,which was the lightese ive ever been and its so friustrating cos i cant get back there.:(. i too want to see 10st,somthing thats my aim for the minute.il let you know how weigh in goes on thurs :)

funeral was awfull,it was my fiance nan,we only lost grandad 3 months ago to cancer,it felt unreal that his nan passed away so quickly after,we said she died of a broken heart :(


low fat supernoodles topped with mushrooms and tomatoes and 1 x hea =42g low fat cheese on top


diet coke chicken

greek yogurt with options mixed in topped with raspberries and 1 x heb kellogs plus bar

oooh,1st weigh in tomorrow ,feel really nervous about going to group as ive done it on my own for 15 months.just feel i need a bit of help n ow to lose the last 8lb.god i hope the scales are nice to me :)
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well joined a group 2day and when i weighed id lost 3lb.so pleased as i havent weighed for 10 days as i knew i was gonna join a group.feel totally motivated again.woo hoo ;)


beans on toast with a poached egg 1xheb =2 slices ww bread

chilli and rice


6 mini animal type christmassy biscuits = 6 syns
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