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Good food xmas magazine, no good for ss



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I will be as I am working a 12 hour shift that day!

I really couldn't get out of it, and now I think I'm glad as the temptation will be removed!
I am taking that day off, as I would like a roast with my Hubby and little girl - I don't want anything else!! After that I will be back SS'ing on the 26th!


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I'm hoping that I won't have much of an appetite by then so if we're having soup/melon then I start with my Quorn and have some carrots/other veg there won't be much room left for 'bad' stuff. We don't really do a HUGE spread at Christmas anyway as it's usually just me, mum, my aunt (both of whom are naturally teeny and don't eat much :sigh:) and my brother (if he isn't working) who will probably have finished all the potatoes before I've started them!
It's sort of a strategy.....


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Noway will I be ss'ing on xmas day! lol. Having the day off, but probs won't want too much food by then anyway, back to ss'ing on 26th too. REALLY looking forward to xmas dinner!! lol


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Infact I think I'll have my first shake as usual then dinner, so it'll be the only meal I have and might not be so bad?


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nessie ill bet u find that u can only eat half as much as u used to! when i fall off the wagon from ssing, i cant eat nearly as much as i used to!
I still can't decide what to do about SS at Christmas. I'm on a roll at the moment so seems a shame to spoil it, but it will only be me and my 2 DD for dinner so would seem a bit mean not to sit and have some with them, plus I've been looking forward to it.

I'll decide nearer the time I think. I've already told my work colleagues that I'm not eating at the work xmas do because the menu is rubbish and I'm just not interested in eating a big meal in the middle of December.

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