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Good for maintenance

Binge comfort boredum loneliness restriction is about us personally , the only way to stop that is to find out why we do it ( self admittence) then work out stragies not too.
A high percent of yoyo dieters ate yoyoing through one of these reasons that's why it annoys me when some people say overweight people are lazy and greedy!! Well I'm certainly not greedy otherwise I couldn't of yoyoed many stones on and off hey.

I think ww is a good plan for life as nothings forbidden everything in moderation and it says we can have a little extra if we exercise so all good to help stop binging restriction I'd feel.

I'm a comfort eater, I don't binge I have stopped comfort eYing after 22 years I will never say never as I know my history of yoyo but I use other things to stop myself turning to food to medicate myself, I started college, I go to zumba, I start an IT course tomorrow then if I need to eat when I'm not hungry I just say why before I do it, if I still need the food item I'll have it off my points, that meaning I have less points for filling foods Butif I need it like we all get :( I will have it but it once or twice a week instead of daily.

Did you lose weight? If so what plan? If so then you know you can control binging and restriction using a healthy eating plan.

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The WW rule is that people with EDs are not supposed to sign up. In fact, people with <5 pounds to lose aren't even accepted.

My suggestion is to work with a good ED treatment program, if you aren't already. Your health is way too important to entrust to a commercial program like WW, which is not therapy and would not really fit your needs. (((Big hugs)))
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Honestly I dont think so, ww makes you think about food a lot and I doubt that would be good when your stuck in a binge/restriction cycle. Good luck with finding your peace with food, Im still searching for mine, I had bulemia for 12 years
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I would agree, I think you maay find that its best to see your gp and ask to be referred to a dietician or psychogologist. Good luck xxx


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Looking at your previous posts I can see you're going through a cycle quite abit.

Personally, I would honestly say that weight-loss boards are not somewhere you should be. You need professional help and your doctor can provide this along side with a nutrionalist.

I'm sorry if the above sounds mean but I can see your posts of 'maintaining' and then a week later posts saying that you want to lose 6lb over 2 weeks.

You need to think in the long run about what you would like to do and I feel that losing weight when you're already at the bottom of the healthy bmi section isn't good for you.

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