Good news, bad news


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After 2 doctors appointments and 4 days in the hospital, countless bloodand urine tests, and a couple of scans, it has been decided that I most likely have gallstones. The good news is that I am not in pain and the only symptoms I have are severe jaundice which has caused severe itching! I am going in for surgury on Thursday to unblock my bile ducts where one or two stones have been lodged. Good news-the scan showed very few and small stones so that they can go down through my mouth and not cut me open!!:D And it is possible that they will not take my gallbladder out later!

Now I will update you on what I found out from my doctor and from the internet. VLCD can increase your chance of forming gallstones (from doctor). Taking psyllium husks and drinking loads of water can decrease their chance of forming (from internet, sorry I can not find link now).

As my body seems to be one of those that want to form gallstones, I will not be going back on CD after I get better. So if someone wants 4 cd shakes, 4 soups and 2 bars let me know. Remember they are Swedish, not British versions.

Good luck to everyone on their journeys. I will not be giving up losing weight so I will still be around and checking in on people and such, but I think I will try just eating sensibly and working out or swimming.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and have not injured their bank account in todays sales!

Good luck with the surgery