Goodbye for a while :(


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Hey everyone

This is goodbye from me for a little while as I will be very busy over the next couple of weeks. Will still be doing LT but on my own! I have had so much support from everyone here its been amazing and cant thank you all enough for all the help and advice you have given me.

Hope everyone has great weigh ins and keep up the hard work.

For everyone who is switching to CD! All the best and hope it works well for you xxx

Take care of yourselves x
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awww - will miss reading your posts hunni, dont be away too long. Good luck and see ya back soon x


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hey hun,

will miss ya.... hope ya find a few mins now nd again to pop back and let us knwo how things are... hope all goes well with meeting OH's fam x

Nas x


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hey hun,

don't be a stranger now.....come back as soon as you can :)

take care, will miss your posts


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Aww good luck hun! with LT and your busy-ness!


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hahahah!! dont worry, i'll be keeping an eye on you xx
thanx for all your messages everyone mwah

blue eyes

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Goodluck you will be fine you've done so well so far.XX


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All the best hunny and dont be a stranger!! Ive pmed ya my number so ya can keep in touch if ya need anything just text or call im always here for ya and missing ya already!!


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ahh will miss u my lovely!!good luck, keep up the good work and good luck with the in laws- they are gona realise how lucky they are to be welcoming you into their family!!!!!xxxx


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Good luck and remember you are not really alone during this period we will all still be here travelling the same path you are :)


im gonna do it!
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gonna miss u babes! I was gonna say the same as ollie, dont leave!!!!!


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Good luck with the meeting with the outlaws, hope it goes well. We'll expect to see a much slimmer you when you are able to get back online.